Today’s Headlines

  • The News Slams SBS Speeds, Even While Admitting Things Will Quickly Improve
  • Why Won’t Christie Pay for ARC Tunnel? David Brooks Blames Public Employee Compensation (NYT)
  • With Two Week Reprieve for ARC, Tri-State Launches New E-Action Page (MTR)
  • Inner-Ring Suburbs With Rail Access to NYC Lead Housing Recovery (WSJ)
  • Paterson Touts Three Smart Growth Laws in Trip to Buffalo (Governor’s Office)
  • Hayley and Diego’s Law Takes Effect Tomorrow (News)
  • Speeder Eric Hakimisefat, 16, Charged With Homicide As Adult, Forgiven By Victim’s Family (News)
  • Vigil Marks One-Year Anniversary of Crash That Killed Leandra Rosado (NY1)
  • MTA Shortchanging Wheelchair Accessibility, Charges Class-Action Lawsuit (News)
  • City Considers Scrapping Program That Cuts Parking Fines for Those Who Don’t Fight Ticket (Post)
  • Unsafe Pavement Cost NYC $3.8 Million in Cyclist Lawsuits (News)

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  • TKO

    David Brooks seems to know nothing about economics. Just read Dean Baker’s beat the press blog, he takes the man to task almost every column.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Well, I’ve got a couple of spreadsheets up on Room Eight in my latest post, with another post about them to follow. (The first is about pensions, the second about infrastructure and capital expenditures).

    Perhaps New Jersey won’t build ARC because the state doesn’t invest in infrastructure, period. From FY 1977 to FY 2008 New Jersey’s state and local capital construction expenditures equaled 1.4% of the personal income of state residents. The national average was 2.1%.

    Still, when I combine New Jersey’s ranking in infrastructure investment over 31 years, debts in 2007, and pension burden into a combined “sold out future rank,” it comes out ahead of NYC. But it could be worse. We could be Rhode Island.

  • ryan

    explain it to us TKO

  • J

    The Daily News SBS story is particularly ridiculous, since it shows a photo of the bus in the SAS copnstruction zone where there are no bus lanes. The caption, however, states that a car is blocking the bus lane. Typical, shoddy reporting.

  • Pete

    TKO – Brooks isn’t saying anything about economics. It’s all about finance and politics.

    In fact, it looks a whole lot like Brooks just cribbed one of Larry Littlefield’s comments.