Today’s Headlines

  • No Fare Hike Coming This Year, MTA Officials Insist (Queens Chron)
  • 84th Precinct Commander: NYPD Ticketing Cyclists to "Prevent Accidents and Injuries" (Bklyn Paper)
  • If You Want Less Parking at Flushing Commons, Monday Is Your Chance to Speak Up (News)
  • DOT Nixed Flushing Sidewalk Widening Due to MTA Concerns About Bus Re-routing (Queens Chron)
  • ParkSmart Pilot May Expand in Park Slope, But DOT Won’t Adjust Meter Prices For Now (Bklyn Paper)
  • City Room, News Remember Megan Charlop
  • Michael Daly Lionizes Ray Kelly, Drops More Details About St. Paddy’s Day Bike-Ped Collision (News)
  • New Research: CO2 a Health Hazard, and City Dwellers Are Most at Risk (Grist)
  • NJ Transit Fares Have Soared While Gas Tax Stays Flat (MTR)
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Detroit Bailout $ at Work (Bits)

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  • The Times’ remembrance of Megan Charlop that you linked to really hits home. She was the same age and, it seems from the Times piece, a kindred spirit to Dr. Rachel Fruchter, who was killed cycling in Prospect Park thirteen years ago. Her similarities to my wife, also a redhead and community activist as well as a city cyclist for thirty years, are also striking. All of these deaths are hard but this one is particularly for me.

  • Re: ticket blitz. This is why having all modes of traffic use the same intersection as a bridge approach is less than optimal. I prefer the stairs to Cadman Plz East, then Prospect Street to Sands St.

  • Re: Megan Charlop — what a tragic, pointless, horrible loss.

    Re: Brooklyn Paper’s article on what the police insist is *not* a ticket blitz, the article reads: “State law permits requires [sic] cyclists to pedal in the lane — unless conditions are hazardous or it is blocked”

    Is this true? Is there a requirement that cyclists must bike in a bike lane if there is a bike lane on the street? I thought that as long as you were on the street and basically obeying the laws for car drivers, you were okay with the law.

  • molly

    David_K, yes, apparently: from NYC Traffic Rules and Regulations § 4-12 (p): Bicycle riders must use bike path/lane, if provided, except for access, safety, turns, etc.

    “Safety” is obviously very vague and could probably rule out their use in most cases.

  • Molly, thanks. I often don’t use the bike lane — for example, on 6th Avenue in Manhattan, I think it’s more dangerous to be in the bike lane than to occupy space in a car lane. A few months ago, CUNY released findings that in a 10-minute span, bike riders can expect to encounter blocked lanes 60% of the time:

    That study, got almost no publicity, by the way; whereas earlier CUNY studies reporting on cyclists’ pecadillos were widely reported in the media.

    I find news of the crackdown in Brooklyn disheartening. (The Brooklyn Paper does note that “painted bike lanes on Adams Street and the parallel bridge approach route on Jay Street are often so jam-packed with double-parked cars that cyclists are forced to swerve into the roadway — and into the crosshairs of keen-eyed cops”) — it seems that you are damned however you choose to ride your bike.

  • Sholom Brody

    @David_k:The crackdown was equally upsetting. That is the reason I was at the 84th Precinct community council on Tuesday night (where this story came together). The reality is that we are fighting for respect and rights from the public. I think by banding together we can assert our right to the road. These precinct community council meetings (that are held monthly in each precinct) are excellent forums where you get public time with the commanding officer to bring up issues such as these.


  • morris

    why is it that when someone passes away so many people have to publicly make connections between their own life and that of the deceased – so selfish and self aggrandizing especially when the person does not even refer to knowing the deceased! just let them R. I. P.!

    btw, ALL cyclists’ deaths should hit equally hard whether they are young children, often from minority groups, forced to play on city streets due to inadequate facilities or immigrants working hard for the money in all types of weather and other conditions deserving respect even if they salmon or ride on the sidewalk. the death of each and everyone of them is an equally large loss that hurts family members, loved ones and friends. their deaths hurt me too. R.I.P. all of you.