Friday: Join Us for the Aaron Naparstek Farewell Bash


Just a quick reminder, Streetsblog readers. Friday is your chance to submit comments to Streetsblog founder Aaron Naparstek one last time… in person. I know Aaron is looking forward to geeking out with all of you regular contributors, occasional chatterers, and masked avengers at our big sendoff. Even if you don’t reveal your online identity at the party, the sight of your warped, knobby fingers will be immensely gratifying.

Lurkers are, of course, also very welcome to attend. We’ll have some savory snacks, an open bar, and a virtually unlimited selection of Karaoke songs. And, just maybe, the mother of all BRT vs. light rail debates. RSVP here.

  • The Dynamic Mumeshantz

    LRT vs. BRT. Ben, you left out the PRT (personal rapid transport) folks! The shame….

  • The PRT folks turned down our invite, since we’re not serving braaaains.

  • Yes! Bring it. BRT vs LRT steel cage death match at the TOPP penthouse.

    Two modes enter. One mode leaves…

  • I only want to go if DDartley is going.

  • I hope the Cap’n does indeed show up.

  • The Dynamic Mumenshantz

    I sure hope The Dynamic Mumenshantz is there. Then I’ll go.

  • I may or may not show up – it’s a tossup at this stage.

  • I heard that Commissioner Sadik-Khan and David Yassky are going to make an appearance.

  • The Dynamic Mumenshantz


    Also, is Matthew Modine coming? Or is it someone who looks like him?

  • Now where did I put that tie?

  • Will the Zozo be there?

  • I’m re-casting this event as a costume ball, and coming disguised as Lew Fidler.

  • James

    I’m hoping to make it there… will Kaja and Ian Turner be on the scene?

  • Ian Turner

    I will be there.

  • ddartley

    Cheers, Moocow. I’ll try to be recognizable–I don’t know how, maybe raise my eyebrows really high as a reference to my frequent all caps typing?

  • Wow! I didn’t see until now that I was personally invited. Well, I’ll be there! But I left my hat at home, and I’ve instructed three other people to say that they’re Cap’n Transit, so you won’t necessarily know who I am!

  • I only saw one Cap’n nametag, but I know it was a lie 🙁

  • Nice to meet you, Mork! And all the others, particularly Marty Barfowitz and BicyclesOnly! And of course those who post under their own names like the Bens and the Aarons. I missed Kaja, Mark Walker and GaryG.

  • Nice to meet you too, Cap’n. Uhh, I think, anyway. (Still too dumb to figure it out!) Maybe GaryG is Barfowitz’s evil twin persona?


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