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  • re: Raging Sociopath Hospitalizes Man for Touching His Car —

    Shouldn’t charges be brought against the guy in his hospital bed? I mean, he did touch the car, didn’t he?

  • TKO

    Interesting article on the shortening of traffic lights for profit that comes at a deadly price:

  • Thanks for the link to i b i k e l o n d o n – it’s true, we need 27,000 new parking spaces in the City of London right now, but for my American cousins I should explain that London as you know it is made up of two cities: the city of London, and the City of Westminster. If just one needs 27,000 new bicycle parking spaces imagine how much the two need. Over here, we’re hoping this is a sign of recovery for cycling levels and hope that the bicycle is (at last!) being rehabilitated into our lives.