Eyes on the Street: Busted in the Bus Lane


We’ve posted many times on NYPD bus lane abuse, so it’s nice to have this reader-submitted shot. This scofflaw driver was tagged Monday evening on E. 57th Street between Madison and Fifth — just in time for bus passengers to witness a rare act of traffic law enforcement.

With new MTA chief Jay Walder citing bus lane blockage as a top priority, hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of this. Who knows, maybe there’s even an order of concrete on the first 100 days’ agenda.

  • Thank you, NYPD. Many happy returns. I’ve lost track of the times my bus boarding has been awkward or even hazardous due to scofflaw drivers.

  • Glenn

    Thanks for posting my photo Brad.

    To complete the story the picture tells, it’s important to note that the police officers took down the license plate into their hand-held device, printed out a ticket and handed it to the driver. In the past, I’ve seen them just shoo the driver along if they are sitting in the driver’s seat. That’s a major improvement!

  • I watched a flatbed get ticketed this morning, serving a construction crew in a bus lane on Trinity place at Edgar downtown. It’s a bus-only road at that time (during commute hours). The flatbed was taking up _two_ bus stops in order to unload parts of a scaffold, completely screwing the traffic flow. An unused loading zone was about twenty feet away.

    Then Streetsblog posts this. Maybe NYPD Traffic Enforcement got a memo?

  • I hope they got a memo. Last Monday, about 5:30 p.m., I passed a squad car sitting in the westbound bus lane on West 34th between 8th and 9th Avenues, facing the wrong way, occupied by two cops eating their dinners out of styrofoam takeout containers.

  • glenn

    It’s such a win-win. Faster commutes, more revenue to the city and teaching drivers that the LAW will be enforced

  • its great that this happened. i hoep it happens more regularly. I also hope there’s some way to issue the ticket after the sirens have forced the car out of the bus lane. its great that we see a cop giving a ticket in the picture, but to some degree the point of the lane is doubly neglected. Unless it was a lighting speed ticket summons, both the offending car AND the police vehicle wound up blocking the bus path.

  • vnm

    Two comments.

    1) Diplo plates. He’ll never have to pay the fine.

    2) It would have been nice if they could have given a ticket for blocking the bus lane without blocking the bus lane.

  • Felix

    I was up on Fordham Road recently and saw an entire block taken up by cars parked in the bus lane.

  • Kaja

    Bus lane was already blocked, I don’t fault enforcement for using it.

    I thought it was a Connecticut plate but you’re right it’s ambiguous. Requesting hires, so I can validate my stereotype of diplomats.

  • Parking enforcement officers in the downtown should NOT be using cars. They should be using either bicycles or segways, so they can park on the sidewalk and then give out their tickets.

  • vnm

    Kaja, definitely diplo. No question in my mind. It’s too dark and turquoise-y to be the new Connecticut plates, and the older Conn. plates that were darker blue had white typeface.

  • vnm

    I just noticed something weird here. Look behind the traffic enforcement officer’s right shoulder. There’s what looks to be one of those little three-wheelers with flashing lights. I think that’s his vehicle (which is also blocking the bus lane). That begs the question: What is that other traffic enforcement sedan doing blocking the bus lane?

    Folks: The real story here is that traffic agents are blocking the bus lane with not one, but two vehicles, tripling the problem created by one scofflaw diplomat, in order to issue a meaningless non-ticket. If we’re getting this excited about this photo, we truly have a long, long way to go toward equity for bus passengers.

  • In a way I’m relieved to learn that my community isn’t the only one that doesn’t ticket scofflaw drivers. But then again I’m infuriated to learn that my community isn’t the only one that doesn’t ticket scofflaw drivers.

    I really get the impression that cops think their time is better spent busting up terrorist rings than citing drivers. But let’s compare how many people in the United States died or were injured last year due to terrorism and compare that to the number killed or injured by drivers.


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