Streetfilms News: Podcasts, YouTube, Twitter and “Streetfilms Shorties”

You’ve been asking for more ways to get your Streetfilms fix, and now you’ve got ’em.

In addition to now posting all of our new films directly to YouTube, we’ve started podcasting on iTunes and Miro, making it easy to enjoy the latest and greatest from Streetfilms just about anywhere. Currently, our top 25 films are available for download and we’re working on getting the entire Streetfilms collection up pronto.

In other exciting news, Streetfilms is Twittering away, keeping you up to date on where we are and what we’re working on. Follow us and you’ll get instant notification about our latest films and ways you can contribute.

And via Twitter, you’ll also get instant access to our newest creation: "Streetfilms Shorties." These are little fun bits of video — sometimes just one shot, never longer than a minute — we may have captured while out and about that doesn’t yield a full traditional Streetfilm, but are intriguing. These shorts will only appear on our YouTube account and we’ll immediately Tweet them. Wanna see our first stab? Check it out above.

Finally, we’ll have some very exciting news in mid-October concerning the Streetfilms site as a whole. So stay tuned.

  • somebody kick that shit over!

  • That is exactly what I was going to post. That person is just *asking* for someone to do some damage to that thing.

  • Bystander

    Why not just move it. Maybe into the traffic lane?

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    I actually tried to move it and it was locked up in that position. I thought maybe I could nudge it, but it was either locked or something. Though since I have never touched one of those before, I could have been doing something wrong.

    The crazy thing is the first time I was making that turn I of course didn’t have the camera on, and I could see the cars all in a line so I thought all was fine. Damn good thing someone didn’t get hurt. When I came back about a 1/2 hour later it was gone.

  • Steve

    I bet one of the cars moved it there so they can park. I doubt it was the scooter driver, they don’t often find trouble parking.

  • I agree with Steve. I used to ride motorcycles and it’s very common for drivers to move motorcycles and scooters so that they can have the parking space. No wonder motorcyclists often park at bike racks and remove the plates!

    Many years ago the City has specially designated Motorcycle Parking areas where two wheeled vehicles could be parked without this kind of interference. Integrating dedicated motorcycle and scooter parking into these parking zones certainly wouldn’t be the worst idea.


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