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Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, the organization fighting Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards boondoggle, point us to the latest traffic "mitigation" from the Empire State Development Corporation, pictured above. Over at Pacific Street and Sixth Avenue in Prospect Heights, the sidewalk has been transformed into a motor vehicle travel lane. DDDB writes:

Yes, they’ve turned the sidewalk into a lane of the road. And as we took these
photos we saw a number of confused pedestrians walking down the "road"
and confused drivers wondering why they were supposed to drive on the sidewalk. It will be pure luck if nobody is hurt by this mess.


The Atlantic Yards construction project — which still hasn’t even gotten started — is already turning out to be something of a minor disaster for pedestrians and cyclists. The Carlton Avenue bridge, a critical link in Brooklyn’s bike network, was demolished months ago and isn’t expected to re-open for years. Then there was that entire city block that Forest City leveled and turned into a surface parking lot for construction workers and future arena visitors.

Speaking of Atlantic Yards, there will be a pair of rallies against the project today in Downtown Brooklyn…


  • One thing Atlantic Yards HAS accomplished so far, and got done right off the bat: closing down some local businesses. And it remains to be seen if there will ever be anything to show for it.

  • Doug

    The abuses here sound like they’re right out of “The Power Broker” – the city gives them free land, tax abatements and lets the developer run amok, residents be damned.

  • Copperfield

    There is the Bloomberg administration which embraces walkable New York and seeks to make it better. Then there is the Bloomberg administration which builds big box car magnets and edge developments which foster car use and destroy the walking city. Somedays, it’s hard to tell which is winning.

  • And why shouldn’t they? Nobody in power will suffer any repercussions for this.

    So long as that’s the case, this will continue to happen. /That/ is the real story.

  • I walked by there this morning around 9 and a pedestrian–walking west, approaching Sixth Avenue–was smack in the middle of the sidewalk-turned-road, at approximately the location of the black car in the second photo.

    There was a uniformed traffic cop in the intersection helping steer traffic, but I didn’t see (or hear) him motioning for the pedestrian to get out of the way.

    The pedestrian didn’t look confused, but she sure wasn’t aware of the change.

  • oscarfrye


    Bloomberg may be for walkable/livable Manhattan
    but he couldn’t care less about the other boroughs

  • Oscar, it’s not about Manhattan vs. the outer boroughs. The Bloomberg administration wanted to put tons of car parking in the Hudson Yards, and has succeeded in putting a whole bunch in that Harlem mall.

  • Car Free Nation

    I’m not a big fan of the bait-and-switch Atlantic Yards, but doesn’t it meet some of the requirements for transit-smart development? It’s dense, on top of a major subway station, and within biking/walking distance of some great neighborhoods.
    If we can get rid of the parking, it’d be nice to have the all the people there. Certainly better than building more sprawl outside the city.

  • CFN,

    Fine. Let Ratner finance the thing himself without relying on the government to steal some of the land for him and fill his pockets with my tax dollars while they’re at it.

  • What Rhywun said.

  • Car Free Nation

    I don’t think the problem for most of the neighborhood (I live close by) is the subsidy. What I hear is that it’s “not to scale” with the rest of the neighborhood. That it’s going to bring traffic nightmares.

    Again, I’d rather have the people living here than in deep Brooklyn, where they drive though the neighborhood for free to save a few dollars on the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.


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