Take Action: Tell John Liu to Support the Bicycle Access Bill

bikes_buildings_rally.jpgLast September, John Liu stood on the steps of City Hall to support bicycle access to buildings. Will he follow through on that commitment?

This email alert from Transportation Alternatives just hit our inbox. The Bicycle Access Bill (Intro 871, sponsored by David Yassky), is scheduled for a City Council committee hearing tomorrow and possibly a floor vote if it can get that far. Despite the support of the mayor and 29 co-sponsors, we’re hearing rumblings that the City Council might snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on this historic piece of legislation:

We Are Not There Yet — Bicycle Access to Buildings Bill in Jeopardy

Your voices are needed. Now! With the expected passage of the Bicycle Access to Buildings Bill slated to take place at tomorrow’s City Council meeting, we are concerned to learn that there still may be some strong opposition to the bill. Please immediately call Council Member John Liu, chair of the Transportation Committee, and let him know that you support this bill and that we need his support too!

Council Member John Liu
Chair, Transportation Committee
City Hall office: 212-788-7022
District office: 718-888-8747

Advocates have been fighting for this legislation for years. Its
passage would make it much easier for thousands of cyclists to ride
to work — boosting bike commuting by as much as 50 percent — and one last push from supporters can help put it over the top.

  • ddartley

    Remind him (and your own CM) that this benefits TRANSIT RIDERS: the more people who get to ride a bike to work, the less crowded (and therefore delayed and unpleasant) our subways and buses will be.

    For every one person who commutes by bike on a given day, that’s that much less crowding on our transit system.

    For all the harm transit riders have had to go through recently, not passing this would be a lost opportunity to give them a tiny little something back.

  • Shemp

    Last September, Liu and Yassky weren’t opponents in the Comptroller’s race. Don’t make the mistake of believing that any problem passing this bill is about the issue of bike parking in buildings.

  • Look at the picture in the link to see how hard it is to ride a bicycle in New York City.

  • Moser

    Vote for Yassky. Let’s dump Liu once and for all.


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