Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood: Feds Still Want to See Congestion Pricing in NYC (NY1)
  • Brooklyn Driver, Attempting to Park, Jumps Curb and Cuts Off Boy’s Leg (Post)
  • TSTC Calls for Outbound Lincoln Tunnel Express Bus Lane (WNYC)
  • FTA Sends Signs That Feds Will Fund Nostrand Ave Bus Improvements, ARC Tunnel (MTR)
  • Overhead Wire Takes Issue With Peter Rogoff’s FTA Confirmation Comments
  • Would Plug-in Cars Fit on New York Streets? (City Room)
  • Paterson Defends Marc Shaw for MTA Post (News)
  • Nice Segment From NPR’s Marketplace About Mixed-Use Development
  • Check It Out: 100-Year Ridership Graphs for Every Subway Station in NYC (Frumination)
  • Bike to Work? Yes You Can! (Bike Commute Tips via
  • Car Free Nation

    The government keeps teasing us with the hope of congestion pricing or East River tolls; the majority want them. It would greatly improve my Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood, as well as the rest of the city.

    But our State government is too broken to let it happen, so I’m not going to get my hopes up this time.

    Although 350 million would help with the capital plan.

  • RE: Would Plug-in Cars Fit on New York Streets?

    Well, you wouldn’t need very many of them, because the “electric car future” is a fantasy inside the heads of NYT’s writers and green types who don’t understand that it isn’t scalable to anything like what we have now which was helped along by “free” oil just waiting for us to pull it out of the ground.

  • James

    That story about the boy in Brooklyn is just horrendously awful.

  • And “no charges” against the driver. Sigh.

  • Even if no criminal charges were filed there’ll probably be a civil suit. Let’s hope this driver has plenty of insurance because this boy is going to need a lot of medical care.

  • Surely, not knowing if your foot is hitting the gas or the brake amounts to criminal negligence. If this had been a subway driver, you can be sure the MTA would be hauled into criminal court.

  • Bollard all the sidewalks. Pedestrians will be safer and motorists can gleefully smash-up their vehicles (and each other) anyway they like.