Change is Coming to Streetsblog and the Livable Streets Network


I just want to give all of you regular readers a heads up that you’ll soon be seeing some design and branding changes implemented on Streetsblog and the Livable Streets Network web sites.

Over the last few months we’ve created Streetsblog San Francisco, the national blog network and an entirely new program called Livable Streets Education. Organizationally, we have also begun to re-conceive our group at The Open Planning Project as the Livable Streets Initiative.

So, it’s finally time for our graphic design and user interface to catch up with these changes. This afternoon at 4 p.m. we’ll be swapping out our current header with the design you see above. We hope the new design will make our various sites a bit more cohesive, accessible and easier to navigate. As always, we trust that you will let us know what you think.

  • I think your current header looks really nice. I like the grey background, and the city silhouette with the train, the pedestrian, the lamppost and the cyclist. And the tree. It makes it very clear what Streetsblog is about.

    The yellow isn’t as sharp, in my opinion… I like pretty pictures!

  • Ian Hlavacek

    Agreed with Erik. The corner image should stay!

  • Warren

    Yeah. It’s a little too minimalist – the lack of texture makes it feel less substantial.

  • I agree with Erik’s points of how the old header clearly shows what this site is all about.

  • Love the new organization and format. Everything needed to be tied together in one place.

    About the silhouette image, it did add a lot – maybe it can go in that space in the middle of the header?

  • Jeffrey W. Baker

    Regarding the new RSS feed, I used to enjoy reading the entire artice in my RSS reader. Now I see “(more)” links in my reader and I have to click through to streetsblog to read the rest. Since you’re not advertising-supported, there doesn’t seem to be any compelling reason for this. Can you please return to full articles in RSS?

  • @Jeffrey: What RSS reader are you using? Google Reader seems to show full content for me.

  • I just want to add that I really like the better use of space in the new navigation. Sure I liked the iconic imagery that was there, but not if it means having a big header with a tall X height pushing the page down. Some graphical urban flourish can be added in in some way still maybe in the next version… as with life it’s step by step iterating and evolving…on and on… still going. Keep up the great work TOPP!


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