Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Releases Prelim Plan for Doomsday Hikes (NYT, News, Post, NY1)
  • Harry Reid’s Home State Itching to Sink Stimulus Funds Into Highways (Las Vegas Now)
  • Stimulus Plea From Seattle: Invest in Transit (Seattle PI)
  • Motorcycle Riders Fight for the Right to Shatter Ears (News)
  • The Pocketbook Argument for Going Car-Free (WSJ)
  • Prescription for Detroit: Convert Excess Capacity to Building Wind Generation (HuffPo)
  • Chicago Burbs Rail Against Freight Trains in Their Backyards (WSJ)
  • WaPo Columnist Endorses Second and Third Beltways for DC (GGW via
  • Houston Buses Run Late for the Same Reason Drivers Do (CTC Houston)
  • Does This Count as Cannibalism? (Forbes)
  • Larry Littlefield

    A 50% fare increase is a doomsday hike? The author has been fooled by inflation.

    The cycle of “save the fare” pandering, deteriorating conditions, followed by a massive hike and more deteriorating condition, is typical of the whole history of mass transit in the subway. The very first fare hike was a doubling.