The Tease Is Over: Greenway Link Delivers Delayed Gratification


We received two reports last night that the West Harlem Piers bike path — a critical link in the Hudson River Greenway — is finally open after several months of puzzling delay. (NYCEDC informed Streetsblog last week that the hold up was indeed due to problems securing materials for a safety rail.) Now the construction fence is down, and, as you can see in these photos from reader Paula Froke, cyclists are enjoying the unbroken stretch of greenway.

Streetsblogger Urbanis cheers the end of a long wait:

After raising a stink about it a few weeks ago, I was amazed to discover on my ride home this evening that the West Harlem Piers bike path was open — yes, all the fencing was removed, and I sailed free and clear along the new bike path all the way to 135th Street, where it connects with the existing bike path running around Riverbank State Park. Not having to brave ten blocks of traffic on Riverside Drive was a dream.

More piers pics from Paula after the jump.



  • It’s about time! Now, if they could only install proper lighting and other safety measures along the Cherry Walk on the Upper West Side, the Amtrak rails near the George Washington Bridge, and the Grecian Temple by the Henry Hudson Parkway, the Hudson River Greenway would be a completely usable bicycle path at night.

  • I’m thrilled! We rode through last night and this morning. It’s such a relief not have to be concerned with aggressive traffic and trucks in the bikelane.

  • Finally!!!

    I can’t wait to check it out!

  • nice, but how about the long neglected east side? from dot’s “missing links” section:

    “In order to compensate for loss of parkland the United Nations has agreed to construct a cantilevered esplanade from East 41st Street to East 51st Street. Final designs have not yet been approved, but completion is tentatively scheduled for 2008.”

    Has this plan been dropped? In the meanwhile how about at least a bike lane on 1rst and 2nd avenues? the “bike route” on those roads is a joke.

  • Just take a lane or two from the FDR drive, Dave. Problem solved.

  • why not tear the entire thing down. one can dream.

  • Can I just say that the rollerblader graphic in the first picture is PRICELESS! Wheel-footed high-stepping from this point!

  • I’m looking forward to riding it again tonight.

  • Well, actually I ended up avoiding it on the commute home because the wind was too powerful (from the north, 22 mph).

  • westside cyclist

    I rode this stretch of the west side bike path yesterday afternoon. The park appears to be a success not just in terms of protecting cyclists from aggressive drivers near Fairway but in terms of pedestrians of all ages using the park. I saw people of all ages strolling, fishing, and basking in the sun. An excellent use of public space. Glad the fencing was finally removed.

  • Ken Campbell

    I rode through on Saturday. I love it. I used to commute from Inwood to the World Financial Center and still wear the scars I earned on the sanitation access road and surface streets. This is a welcome sign of sanity in NYC.

  • Scott

    Hey does anybody know if there will be ferry service to NJ?

  • george

    The lighting at night is quite nice– it was great to walk out of Fairway one balmy October evening and see it open. I also saw great use of it- even on a Saturday evening– a group of about half a dozen locals were fishing (one had caught a giant eel) and a few people were enjoying the benches. We certainly enjoyed a little stroll and the views. Now if only it had opened in time for warmer weather — hopefully they get their act together and have boat rentals/ferry rides/water taxi ready by spring time. And there’s a commercial property available across the street that looks like it could be a great little snack/ice cream shop or diner.


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