Eyes on the Street: Hudson Greenway Link Still a Big Tease


From Streetsblogger Urbanis:

[The] West Harlem Piers bicycle path, connecting the Hudson River Greenway between 135th and 125th Streets, has not still opened (after a promised opening of May or June this year). The completion of this link will allow cyclists an entire off-street route from Dyckman Street to Battery Park; currently, cyclists must exit the Greenway at 135th Street and ride in traffic along Riverside Drive to 125th Street. Even worse, while there is a bike lane provided for southbound commuters (which is a favorite parking spot for unloading trucks), no bike lane exists for northbound commuters.

The site remains fenced off but it has looked completed for months — why the delay?

We put in several calls and e-mail messages to DOT and Parks, but no one we’ve found can tell us when the fencing will come down. A September story in the Columbia Spectator says the project is on hold due to "problems constructing a railing."

  • The construction trailer that has been parked along St Clair Place (125th St) near Marginal has been removed. Which may be a good sign. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  • Hannah

    These piers were on the list of places you could visit during Open House New York last weekend. I didn’t make it there but was encouraged to know about this minor bit of public access.

  • The story in the Columbia Spectator notes that the process of completing the railing was “complicated by the fact that some necessary pieces are made only in the United Kingdom.” That speaks volumes. DOT couldn’t use off-the-shelf parts from the U.S.?

  • Go UK!!! Honestly, I get me mum to send stuff over every so often and it really doesn’t take long… That sounds like a pretty lame excuse to me.

  • LN

    I pass by here everyday, dodging trucks, running a red light at the turn so I can get up in front of cars speeding off the Henry Hudson pwy.

    The only reason I can think to not open this is so that the contractors can park their trucks on the bike lane. The railing being constructed is on the new pier, nothing to do with the bike lane.

    This week these weird rolling steps arrived, parked on the bike path. perhaps for a ribbon cutting? I say we tear down those fences and ride the path!

  • Hannah,

    I too saw that the Piers were listed on the Open House New York website, as well as the Parks Department website, to be opened last weekend. But lo and behold, when we went up there on Saturday afternoon, there was no one there and we saw everything fenced up much as seen in the picture above. Quite disappointing, as it looks very nice and it’s hard for us to get up there.

    From what we could tell, the park is finished except for one of the piers, which doesn’t have a railing down its length. I’m guessing this is what the Spectator is referring to, and is probably the reason why the park hasn’t been opened yet. Curious to hear what the powers that be have to say re: a real opening date.

  • JK

    This is a Parks Dept/EDC project, not DOT, so ask Parks where the railing is. Don’t forget they are also nearing completion on the Hudson Greenway between 83rd and 91st Street, which probably will open Spring ’09(?). This is the detour section up to the Riverside Park Promenade. Also, in connector news, the path between the George Washington Bridge and River Road (Hudson River Drive) is completed but not officially open.

  • It’s really a shame the community has had to go all summer without what was a popular fishing spot. To make matters worse, this is a really high traffic area with cars looking for ways to get on the Henry Hudson, Cyclists trying to get on the Greenway, and shoppers coming in and out of the Fairway parking lot.

    The needed parts appear to go on the pier. Why not move this Rent-A-Fence about 10 feet to the west so that cyclists can take advantage of a safe bike route? It would be a real tragedy if someone was injured while we wait.

  • Liz

    I live in the neighborhood and we did visit the site during Open House New York. The Piers were open on Sunday and there were tours of the site. You can see my pictures on the OHNY Flickr group. There seems to be a cool fountain element and I believe all of the lights are run by solar power. Pretty cool and yes, almost open due to railings not being finished.

  • Yes, let’s engage in a little bike path liberation and cut open that fence!

  • That park has been killing me all summer! I keep going there, trying to figure out why it’s not open! It’s totally landscaped, totally ready! You begin wondering if there are invisible people in there, enjoying themselves while we wonder…

    The only living beings I see in that park are flocks of geese milling around. It’s totally bizarre they haven’t found a way to open that park all summer. The least they could do is to put up a sign informing passersby of their progress.

  • It’s odd how the West Side Greenway reflects the uptown/downtown division of Manhattan. South of 96th Street, the Greenway is glamorous, bustling, and well-maintained. North of 96th Street, the Greenway is wilder (with moments of breathtaking beauty), has fewer people, and much more poorly maintained (which results sometimes in dangerous cycling conditions).

    As someone has ridden along the Greenway at all times of day and night, I really fault the Parks Department for not remedying the following hazards north of 96th Street:
    1. Lack of lighting or reflective paint/devices along the Cherry Walk
    2. Failure to complete the West Harlem Piers link in a timely fashion (as per above)
    3. Lack of lighting or reflective paint/devices on the path segment running by the Amtrak rails somewhere between 155th and 168th Streets–it’s pitch dark at night
    4. Lack of barriers (or even signage) at the old Grecian temple parking lot, which resulted in a night spent in the ER

  • Hello Everyone,

    I have just today registered on Streetsblog.org.
    You may remember me from the transalt.kotlet.net message board , which no longer exists.
    My email is hotbike “at” hotmail.com.
    I live on Long Island. My most recent trip to Manhattan was on Friday, 3rd of October, 08.
    I took a three speed bike into Penn Station via the LIRR. I have enough lights on the bike.
    I rode on 34th street to get to the Waterfront Greenway. I did not have any problems with any motorists, except I was blocked by cars waiting for the lights to change.

    I am trying to figure out how to start a new thread here, at this site.
    I have posted this as a reply to an existing thread, because I can’t figure out how to start a new thread.

  • Braddy

    This is the perfect opportunity for some politician to receive good PR (hint, hint) with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. There must be somebody available to make this happen…


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