Eyes on the Street: Bikes Welcome Here


Spotted at 40 Worth Street, a.k.a. DOT HQ. The rally for the "Bike in Buildings Bill" starts at City Hall at 10:45.

  • Andy B from Jersey

    Go across the Hudson to Jersey City. Many of the big (and dieing) financial firms along the waterfront seem to have not problem providing basic bicycle parking that is pretty close to the main entrances. I was shocked and how fairly good it was on a trip there last week. The only building that failed to provide parking was the Goldman Sachs building but even there, there was a rack not too far away. Still all the parking could have been much better. None of the buildings had indoor or even sheltered parking at least from what I could see.

  • I work in a large (20 story) building on Park Ave. South. Bikes are not allowed inside here, but our facilities manager sent a special e-mail informing us about the rally. She said that our lease actually prohibits bringing bikes in, a prohibition would presumably be invalidated if a law were passed.


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