Cartoon Tuesday: The Modern-Day Midnight Ride

Paul Revere embarked on his midnight ride from Boston to Lexington more than a year before the United States declared independence. Nevertheless, with the Fourth of July around the corner, this toon from Tom Toles seemed appropriate today. 


Cartoon Doomsday, Part 2

With events in Albany still unfolding, it remains to be seen whether this Bill Bramhall ‘toon — slide four of the Daily News illustrator’s gallery — will become reality. On the other hand, with drivers still guaranteed a free ride over East and Harlem River bridges, the argument could be made that it already has.

Bike Ride: Night of the Living Dead – Midnight Ridazz

Put on your creepiest undead costume, grab your flask and meet us at the St. Mark’s Church Cemetery, famously haunted by the 17th-century Dutch Governor, Peter Stuyvesant. We’ll visit notoriously haunted spots around the East Village and beyond. This ride ends at a party! DISCLAIMER: By participating, Cyclists hereby agree that FreeWheels, its agents and […]