TSTC Launches “Mobilizing the Region” Blog

For those who’ve come to rely on Mobilizing the Region, the always informative newsletter from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, TSTC has some bad news — and some very, very good news.

tstc2.jpgThe bad news is the newsletter will soon be discontinued. The very, very good news is that it will be replaced by the new Mobilizing the Region daily blog.

Why did we make the change? The primary reason is that the blog format allows us to be both timelier and more thorough with our news coverage. We’re also intrigued by the ways in which blogging can help expand and mobilize the advocacy community. There may be other benefits to joining the blogosphere we haven’t even thought of yet; we’re new to this, after all.

Welcome, TSTC. Get your coffee brewing and prepare to feed the beast. Don’t allow a frothy comments section to let you forget that most of the real advocacy work takes place out there in meat-space not here in cyberland. We look forward to re-purposing your content.

  • momos

    Great to see another NYC transportation blog springing up. TSTC always has great information, but they’re correct that their newsletter couldn’t do justice to the complicated and detailed world of NY transit the way a blog can.

    Streetsblog has a far more attractive design, however (like frequent and relevant graphics). And the focus is more clearly on actual street design/usage issues, while TSTC is a broader transportation policy shop.

    Looking forward to even more transportation blogging and public involvement to get NYC out of cars!

  • Brad, thanks for the shout-out, and the subsequent Streetsblog-related traffic.

  • blog readership is infinitesimal compared to print publication. Maybe not for Streetsblog, which gets mentioned in the Wall Street Journal… but my blog gets from 300 to 1000 M-F visits, and unless I continue to prime the pump with content, average readership drops from 450-500 to 350.

    To quote from one of the earlier books on direct marketing _Maxi-Marketing_, it’s about multiple channels for selling, or in this case communicating messages.

  • momos, thanks for the comments. we are working on the design and graphic content. check back frequently!


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