Bruno: “The people who travel around are taxed enough.”

Up to now, State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno has been a supporter of Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal for a congestion pricing pilot project. There is no reason to believe that has changed. Yet, he strikes a slightly ominous note in today’s Daily News article on the proposed MTA fare hike.

"The people who travel around are taxed enough. We have got to prioritize the use of our state resources to minimize
the expense and the impact on the people who come into the city and
work in the city," said Bruno.

  • Boogiedown

    These guys always neglect the fact that there are many more ways than one to enter the city, and even with congestion pricing one can make one’s own decision how to do so. Let’s face it: if you are coming into the city for economic reasons, whether you are a kitchen cabinet installation company or a tycoon, it is in your best interest do to so expeditiously. Time is money.

  • smallfry

    Um, Bruno does say “travel around” not “drive around”. his comments are clearly directed more at the fare, not the toll.

  • Clem

    “The people who travel around are taxed enough.” Clear?

    This is clear: “Transit riders pay enough.”

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    What is clear is this. It is in the Governor’s political interest that the citizens experience fare increases, to the extent they are going to be done, early in his administration so that as he runs for relection he will not then have to do so.

    Quite the opposite for Senator Bruno. He wants the fare increase postponed early in the Governors cycle and to take credit it for it in next years election. And to pin the blame on Spitzer when he has to run in the face of fare increases.

  • glennQ

    Bravo! Senator Bruno gets it!

  • george

    bruno gets that you can always win by saying that people are taxed enough but that they need more services in the same breath? wow, he gets it.

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