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  • JF

    The residents also weighed in, including Lori Copeland, of Kingsbridge, who said the plan would be cost-prohibitive for parents taking their children to Manhattan schools.

    Ah, so that’s where my tax dollars are going? Subsidizing car trips so that Riverdale and Kingsbridge residents can abandon the public school system and drive their children to expensive Manhattan private schools? Yeah, Brodsky is sure going to bat for the “middle class.”

  • Hilary Kitasei

    JF. NYC has a public school system that is city-wide. It offers students a vast array of specialized and magnet schools in addition to their local schools. This system is one of the city’s core assets that may not be widely appreciated by those without children in it. Far from abandoning the public school system, Riverdale parents are only trying to take advantage of it. So the challenge is to make sure there are ways for students to travel to school throughout the system. MetroNorth could honor student passes on its trains, for example. The subways could add express service.

    On the other hand, we are now subsidizing private school students who drive to Riverdale from Manhattan. Those students take advantage of free on-street parking. Manhattan College is building a huge parking garage, right next to the subway stop.

  • JF

    If her kid goes to a public school, and the only way she can get the kid to school on time is by driving, then her beef should be with the OPT, not with PlaNYC. It would cost a lot less to run a school bus from Riverdale to Manhattan than to pay for the congestion and street maintenance costs that these people impose on city taxpayers.

  • Budrick

    Wow. Just when I thought these guys couldn’t get any more low-brow , populist, and short-sighted. Hike construction permits? Seriously? So instead of reducing vehicle traffic, we’re going to reduce supply of new housing stock in this city? And then I’m sure Weprin will come along in 2 or 3 years “sticking up for the little guy” complaining about the lack of affordable housing in the City, when he is the one who caused that problem in the first place.

    When is this guy term-limited out of the Council? Hopefully we’ll ride him out of town on rails (or in an Escalade, if he so prefers) STAT.

  • clipped

    Budrick: true enough. And Weprin hasn’t read Downs, I guess. Getting construction guys to finish up quicker in Manhattan would just free up space that will quickly get congested with more cars. Besides, I haven’t heard of too many developers trying to keep construction schedules any longer than they need to be.