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  • greg

    i can relate re: buses through a residential neighborhood (i’m in bk)…really loud beasts, way too frequent and 90% empty most of the about ruing quality of life

  • Hilary

    Wouldn’t being located on a bus route be seen as an amenity (the way being near a subway stop is) if the buses were smaller and quieter?

    This would require real innovation or heavy subsidies, to address the high labor costs that keep pushing MTA buses in the other direction. For every articulated bus on a major route, can there be a smaller one for the local feeders? Like the Connector buses in lower Manhattan?

  • greg

    i agree


    improve the cachet of riding a bus

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    If I lived on a medium-size avenue like Cooper Avenue, I’d love to have a bus come by every 2-3 minutes. This is significant in comparison with the trucks and private cars that Atlas Park has attracted?

    I’ve written before that I was disappointed at how transit-inaccessible Atlas Park is. It looks like they’re trying to change that now – create a new transit hub, in fact – which is good.

    I suspect that the only thing that would get O’Kane to think of a bus as an amenity is if he were unable to drive. But I agree with Hilary and Greg that smaller, quieter feeder buses would be an improvement. The buses are already getting quieter: compare the new low-floor hybrids to the buses they’re replacing.

    Smaller buses like the Parisian “microbuses” would definitely be a good idea. Atlas Park development director Damon Hemmerdinger is the son of MTA board chairman Dale Hemmerdinger, which makes me think that the MTA might be particularly receptive to trying microbuses in this area.

  • Hilary

    A bus route would be an amenity even for O’Kane (or a non-user) if it raised his property value or allowed him to have friends/customers/”help” reach him by public transportation.

  • greg

    Would love to see thos microbuses…on too many routes i see underutilized buses that seem to be space, air and noice hogs