‘No Impact Man’ Hits the Mainstream


Colin Beavan, a.k.a. No Impact Man, was featured on ABC’s "Good Morning America" last week. As shown in the video, GMA followed Beavan and his family wheeling their "SUV" trike around Manhattan, and also brought him into the studio for a light interview. Though the segment has the requisite "News of the Weird" feel, it casts the Beavans’ project as something to be admired, rather than another granola-fueled urban oddity.

  • cmu

    I am sorry, Bevan is indeed the ultimate publicity hound who has caught on to a good thing (for him), starting with his ridiculous “year without toilet paper” article, in the NY Times no less. While I can admire his chutzpah in getting into the news, the man and his equally besotted family sets back the cause of sustainability every time he’s in the news.

    It’s sad that he gets additional publicity on this and other blogs as well. There are plenty of people doing real, tangible, everyday things that genuinely futher the cause of low impact. But they’re not newsworthy, of course.

  • Angelica Lopez

    Hey, but he managed to get the attention of people like you that otherwise would continue to live a selfish life… If nothing else, he made you think and write and he motivated me and many others to do the same. We need more people like Colin Bevan and his family. I saw the movie and it really inspired me.
    I will try the same. Thanks Colin because you knew many would send horrible messages to you and your family and you did it. CONGRATULATIONS>>> I hope for your wife you have more children…we need more of your genes.


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