Today’s Headlines

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    I think “security needs” will be my excuse for everything from now on.

    -“Honey, can you clean the toilet?”
    -“Sorry, security concerns prevent me from doing that.”

    -“You haven’t paid your mortgage this month.”
    -“In this post-9/11 environment, we have to take security into consideration with these things.”

  • steve

    LOL, Angus!

  • steve

    But seriously, folks may notice a great deal of press over the last year concerning efforts to improve Judge’s pay. They are very underpaid given the amount of responsibility they have. A group of admin law judges just won union recognition. I interpret this Columbus Park situation in that light. Frustrated, undepaid judges not wanting to give up a perk. Same as the other uncivil servants, nothing to do with security.

  • The second article in Today’s Headlines, that you titled “Get a Parking Ticket? Blame the Mayor! (Post)” does not belong on Streetsblog. The article is mostly about sanitation tickets, and the way the city tickets people for trash in front of their property or in vacant lots next door is actually unfair – particularly since the regulation is enforced MUCH more regularly in poor neighborhoods than in affluent ones.