Manhattan Bridge Bikeway to Reopen on Monday


Streetsblog tipster Geoff Zink reports "this morning there were two friendly DOT guys on the Brooklyn side of the Manny B handing out flyers regarding the reopening of the north side bike lanes. Gotta love the new DOT!"

Here’s the message from DOT:

Important Notice
New York City Department of Transportation Division of Bridges

Rehabilitation of the Manhattan Bridge

On Monday, August 6, 2007, the New York City Department of Transportation Division of Bridges will reopen the north bikeway of the Manhattan Bridge. The north bikeway has been closed since October 2006 to complete various construction tasks in association with the rehabilitation of the lower roadway of the bridge as well as to ensure and maintain public safety during the rehabilitation. Once the bikeway reopens the south walkway will revert to pedestrian use only.

Photo: Hbomb1947 on Flickr

  • JM

    Trying not to get my hopes up — but this is great news. No more tourist russian roulette on the BK Bridge.

  • Erica

    Those two nice men are not from DOT, they are from a private consulting firm hired by DOT. There was also a NICE woman on the Manhatan side of the bridge, but I guess the tipster forgot about her.


  • Ian D

    What, no more riding down the stairs on the Brooklyn side? (Note: not a good idea. I tried.)

  • Matt

    But have they fixed the Manhattan exit that spits you into wrong-way traffic going east and makes you do an impossible uphill u-turn after slamming on the breaks to get to the bowery? eh? eh?

  • hil

    Matt – remember that question about 2 months from now.

  • P

    I guess it’s late to mention this- but you know the south side of the Manhattan Bridge has been open this whole time?

    And, ,frankly, I prefer it to the north side…

  • pete

    As of yesterday evening – more bikes still on south side than north.

  • tim

    Some elementary but critical questions from someone new to NYC and planning to commute by bike from Brooklyn to Union Square area:

    1) Best way to access North side bike path of Manhattan bridge if riding up Flatbush?

    2) Best way to get to Union Square from Manhattan exit off Manhattan Bridge?

    3) Best way to access North side bike path of Manhattan bridge from Manhattan side?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!


  • Dave

    Since those aren’t common routes for me, I can’t provide any specific answers but have you tried the New York City Bike Map?

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    Tim, this map (PDF) may help:

    More info on non-motorized bridge access at Fiboro Bridges:

    now in its twelfth year!

  • Tim

    Hi, I tried the route across the Manhattan bridge the other day and was dismayed at how dangerous the Jay St. approach seemed. There’s vehicle traffic coming off a U from the bridge and it merges right into the biking path. I know there’s another approach on Sands St. but this takes me way out of the way. Does anyone else approach the BK side of the Manhattan Bridge from Jay St. and know of a different route?



  • Janet

    The last two weekends I’ve walked on the South side, and must observe that there are still plenty of bikes. I can’t blame the bikers, because there is a not-so-obvious sign on the Manhattan side, and really nothing on the Brooklyn side which would tell a cyclist they’re no longer where they should be.


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