Construction of Piazza de Meatpacking is Underway

Dept. of Transportation street design projects are moving incredibly fast these days. Only a few weeks ago the City announced that, in response to long-standing community requests,
it would create a new public plaza, buffered bike lane, and major pedestrian improvements at that big, crazy intersection in
the middle of the Meatpacking District.

Work has already begun. Yesterday, (in the middle of a driving rain storm) Ben Kabak, author of the Second Avenue Sagas blog, snapped the photo above, and these too.

It’s not too pretty right now but when it’s all done it’s supposed to look something like this:

  • In the “when it’s done” photo, DOT really should have photoshopped the northbound cars to be southbound, since there is no more northbound traffic allowed!

    When they are done with the repaving – over the next 2 weeks – there will be a buffered bike lane on the east side of Ninth Ave. running from 22nd to 14th, and soon that lane will be continued south through the W. Village.

  • PS. Can we have a Streetsblog iced-coffee social out in the new plaza when it’s done? A toast to DOT’s accomplishment and to continuing improvements in the future?

  • MeatPacker

    who passes these ridiculous ideas for "parks" anyway? yeah, i wont be meeting you for the grand opening for iced coffee between two lanes of traffic – and with three lights – stopped, gawking traffic…..idiots! spend the monies on an acceptable, well liked and voted for plan..


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