The Weekly Carnage


Fatal Crashes (15 Killed This Week; 316 Killed This Year)

  • Brooklyn: SUV Jumps Curb, Killing Pedestrian, Striking Bakery (Daily News)
  • Brooklyn: Cyclist, 17, Doored, Then Run Over by Bus (NY Post, Newsday)
  • The Bronx: Hit-and-Run Truck Driver Kills Cyclist, 30 (NYT, NY1)
  • Manhattan: 2 Killed in Separate Uptown Crashes (NY Sun, NY Post [scroll])
  • Manhattan: Commuter Bus Kills Pedestrian (Daily News)
  • Queens: Motorcycle Passenger Killed in Collision With Car (AM NY)
  • Southampton, L.I.: 2 Men Die in Separate Crashes (Newsday)
  • Wyandanch, L.I.: Cyclist, 11, Killed, 2 Minivan Passengers Injured (Newsday)
  • Related: ‘He Made Me Laugh’ (Newsday)
  • Yaphank, L.I.: Teen Driver Killed as Tractor-Trailer’s Brakes Fail (Newsday)
  • Mendham, N.J.: University Benefactor Veers, Fatally Hits Tree (Star-Ledger)
  • North Bellmore, L.I.: Teen Dies as Motorcycle Hits Building (Newsday)
  • Jersey City: Ambulance Mechanic Crushed to Death (Star-Ledger)
  • Easton, N.J.: Young Man Killed in Motorcycle Crash (NJ Express Times)

Injuries, Arrests & Property Damage

Washington Twp. F.D. via Times of Trenton

  • Hamilton, N.J.: Dump Truck Flips After Colliding With Car (Times of Trenton)
  • Long Beach, L.I.: Man Charged After Running Over Girlfriend With SUV (Newsday)
  • Staten Island: 5 Injured as Fire Truck Sends SUV Into Store (S.I. Advance)
  • Brooklyn: Officer on Motorcycle Injured in Collision With Bus (Newsday)
  • Plainsboro, N.J.: SUV Rear Ends Big Rig, Driver Pulled From the Flames (
  • Central Islip, L.I.: Man Crashes Stolen Hummer Near Courthouse (Newsday)
  • Southeast, N.Y.: 3 Injured as Garbage Truck and Car Collide (Journal News)
  • Bedminster, N.J.: Family in Grisly Car Crash (NY Post)
  • Jersey City: Driver on Cell Phone Flips Vehicle, Hits 3 Parked Cars (S.I. Advance)
  • Mineola, L.I.: Pedestrian Injured by Pickup, Driver Charged With DWI (Newsday)
  • Carmel, N.Y.: Woman, 48, Charged With DWI Twice in 8 Days (Journal News)
  • Hanover, N.J.: Drunk Driver Blamed for Road Work Scare (Star-Ledger)
  • Greenwich, N.J.: Man Injured Year After Grandson Killed in Crash (Star-Ledger)
  • Hopewell, N.J.: Reported ‘Accident’ Really Robbery and Assault (
  • Pleasantville, N.J.: Six Hurt in Head-On Crash (
  • West Nyack, N.Y.: Man, 57, Seriously Injured in Crash (Journal News)

Following Up

  • Queens: 2 Cops Suspended for Failing to Report Crash (NY Post)
  • Brooklyn: 2 Cops Could Duck Rap in Motorcyclist’s Death (Daily News)
  • Unauthorized Use of Emergency Lights Faulted in Corzine Crash (Star-Ledger)
  • Related: Corzine Again Driven by Trooper Involved in Crash (Star-Ledger)
  • Blauvelt, N.Y.: Group Ensures Accident Victim’s Legacy Will Endure (Journal News)
  • Patterson, N.Y.: Double-Fatal Crash Trial Continued to July (Journal News)


  • Families Torn by Toddler Backover Deaths (Newsday)
  • New Jersey’s Bumper Crop is Fender-Benders (Star-Ledger)
  • Roadside Memorials Dot the Landscape (Star-Ledger)
  • Court Rules that Passengers Can Be Liable (
  • Cocaine Hangover Can Be Considered DUI in New Jersey (Star-Ledger)
  • New York State Plans Increased DUI Patrols for the Fourth (Newsday)
  • Ticket Blitz in Northern New Jersey (Star-Ledger
  • New York’s Roads Among Worst in Nation (Journal News)

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  • Steve

    SUV Jumps Curb: You can’t read this without realizing that driving a motor vehicle in NYC is as dangerous as hunting would be. You’ve got this dangerous weapon, the car, that you point around in a crowded pedestrian environment looking for a safe path. If you happen to point in the wrong direction, or pull the trigger at the wrong time, someone dies. Is it really all that harder to “accidentally” kill someone with a car in NYC than it is with a gun? Why do we regulate the two so differently?

    Cyclist, 17, doored: They don’t even bother to mention that no charges will be filed, probably because it is inconceivable to the journalist that opening a car door into the path of bicyclist (although against the law) is blameworthy conduct.

    Bus kills woman: I’m not surprised by the identical repeat deaths. The intersection at 86th and Columbumbus is highly congested and east and westbound motorists on 86th street often pull illegal and dangerous maneuvers while turning south. That intersection shoulld be timed and controlled so that there is a separate phase for left and right turns.

    Backovers: “more than 1,200 children under 15 who were killed since 2000 in nontraffic motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Half of those fatalities were in backovers, almost all of them involving children under 5, according to Kids and Cars, a child safety advocacy group in Leawood, Kan.

    Each week, at least two children are killed and another 50 are hurt in backover accidents. Over three days in April, six children were killed; by the end of the month, 11 more died, the group said.”

    Because these backover accidents are not in traffic, they don’t even make it into many fatality statistics.


The Weekly Carnage

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The Weekly Carnage

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The Weekly Carnage

Fatal Crashes (15 Killed This Week; 248 Killed This Year) Manhattan: Boy, 14, Killed as Overloaded Van Hits Pole (NYT, NY Post) Manhattan: Motorcyclist Killed After Swerving (Newsday, NYT) I-80: 3 Killed in Two Days of Death (Star-Ledger) East Meadow, L.I.: Hit-and-Run Driver Drags, Kills a Mom (NYT) Related: Headlight Shards Link to Driver (NY Post) […]

The Weekly Carnage

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The Weekly Carnage

Fatal Crashes (17 Killed This Week; 419 Killed This Year) Queens: DWI Crash Kills Rap Promoter, 22 (Daily News) Queens: Two Pedestrians Killed in Separate Crashes (Newsday, Queens Chronicle) Queens: DOT Worker Placing Cones is Struck and Killed (NY Post, AM NY, NY1) Queens: Cyclist, 13, Killed by Driver With Dud License (Daily News, Newsday) Queens: Man, […]

The Weekly Carnage

Fatal Crashes (15 Killed This Week; 492 Killed This Year) Queens: Drunk Driver, 22, Killed, 4 Passengers Hurt (Daily News, NY Post) Manhattan: Fatal Hit-and-Run; Suspect Arrested (Gothamist) Jackson Twp., N.J.: 3 Teens Die Where 2 Died This Year (Star-Ledger) Seaford, L.I.: Pedestrian, 80, Struck by Motorist; No Charges (Newsday) West Babylon, L.I.: Cyclist, 14, Struck and Killed […]