Today’s Headlines

  • Pricing Fails as Legislators Point Fingers (NYT, Post, Daily News)
  • RELATED: Pricing a Victim of ‘Raw’ Dealing (Daily News)
  • Sadik-Khan Rides the Third Rail (NYT)
  • RELATED: Commissioner Takes Questions (City Room)
  • Not Enough Time to Cross at Intersection, DOT Told (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Port Authority Moves Toward Cash-Free Tolls (AMNY)
  • NYPD Confiscates Ghost Bike (onNYTurf)
  • Driver Chased by Police Hits Pedestrian and Cyclist (Post)
  • Manhattan Rental Cars in Short Supply (Sun)
  • Popular Streetlamps Endangered by Drivers, Funding Dispute (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Senate Passes Bill Raising Mileage Standards (NYT)
  • EPA Says Stricter Smog Limits Needed, But May Not Impose Them (AMNY)
  • Man Ticketed in Neighbor’s No Parking Zone (Brooklyn Paper)
  • What’s up with all the references to JS-K’s clothes and body in the times article? Weird.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    Sadly, Nick, it’s par for the course for women leaders. I wonder if they did the same for Wilbur Chapman or Chris Lynn.

  • lee

    i thought the same thing. it seems like robin finn has a crush on jsk.

  • da

    Now that pricing has “failed”, what next? What about East River bridge tolls… would those require Albany approval?

  • Red

    Not sure pricing has failed yet. But if it does, I think finding a new funding source for PlaNYC will be critical.

  • drose

    The new funding source will be higher subway fares and higher taxes. Let’s call it the Brodsky Plan.

  • No one

    Why not increase the parking fees and institute a city-wide or Manhattan-only parking tax on all recognized parking spaces (not just public and commercial garages)?

    Pricing parking will work just as well to reduce overall vehicle use. As long as the price is high enough.