Transit Movies Presentation – New York Subway, Queens Route

A movie screening for a film about the New York subway, Queens route, sponsored by the Electric Railroaders Association, New York Division.


4 Reasons a $2.5 Billion Brooklyn-Queens Streetcar Doesn’t Add Up

Later today, Mayor de Blasio is going to deliver his State of the City speech, and one centerpiece is expected to be a new streetcar running from Sunset Park to Astoria along the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront. It’s an idea that’s surfaced repeatedly in one form or another as developers have transformed sections of the waterfront into new residential neighborhoods. As alluring […]

In New Report, RPA Reinforces Link Between Transit and Growth

Following yesterday’s Build for America launch and last night’s presidential debate, the Regional Plan Association released a major report today recommending an array of public transportation improvements for New York City and northern New Jersey, adding its name to the ever-growing list of orgs and officials calling for federal investment to spur and sustain economic […]

MTA Capital Plan Calls for $4.5B in Pricing Revenues

  The MTA released a five-year, $29.5 billion capital plan today. As expected, the agency’s course relies heavily on congestion pricing, to the tune of $4.5 billion in revenue. Highlights of the three-tiered plan: Tier 1 ($20 billion) includes 590 new subway cars, 2,976 buses, 440 commuter rail cars, 44 subway station rehabilitations, and system-wide […]

Today’s Headlines

NJ Transit Prepares for Strike as Negotiations Continue (NYT) MTA to Award Design/Engineering Contract for 2nd Ave Subway Phase 2 By Summer (News, NY1, SAS) DOT Activating Bus Lane Enforcement Cameras on 7 Routes in Queens Today (NY1) 90-Year-Old Dorothy Heimann Dies From Head Trauma Inflicted By Turning Driver (Post) Teen Car Theft/Police Chase Ends […]