Clarence Eckerson and the New York City Streets Renaissance Campaign are proud to introduce their newest project,, the video blog, or vlog, if you will:

  • Vlogs are the wave of the future. The visuals you guys create on film really make an impact in a different way than the regular blog posts can. They complement each other very nicely. Kudos to Mark, Clarence and Aaron and everyone else involved in these efforts on the wonderful community you’ve helped create and build online.

  • Steve

    Now I see whay you are always so busy Clarence! Congratulations on the launch of this innovative and much-needed project.

  • Clarissa

    Most excellent, folks! I’m glad to see a centralized location for all these videos to be housed–and in such high resolution! Very pretty. Can’t wait to see where this takes us.

  • Jeff

    This is great stuff. I heard Clarence speak at Grassroots Conference saying that this is only a portion of the stuff he has thus far. Is this true Clarence? If so, I can’t wait to watch more.

  • Way cool, Clarence, as per usual!
    Ride on!

  • Thanks all!

    And yes Jeff, I have plenty more to post! Plus the StreetFilms gang is working hard on a couple more to post soon.

  • JK

    Congratulations Clarence and Mark. This is a terrific body of work. Clarence has such a friendly, inviting style. The pieces are brimming with optimism and the sense that better things are not so hard to bring about. It’s both fun to watch and pragmatic.

    Going forward I’d like to see my favorite video documentarian highlight more of what is already working in the vastness that is NYC. For example, maybe a little spot with some interviews about the really nice space created by the MTA at the 72nd and Broadway subway station. There a full block of Broadway was turned into a pedestrian mall and park. It would do any European city (or even Portland) proud. How did it come about? And how was a consensus created around closing six four lanes of Broadway at a such a busy intersection?

  • Clarence


    An excellent idea! Great suggestion for a non-confrontational story with positive consequences. Putting it down on my list for a future piece, esp once the city turns green again and I can get a few of these multiple large pieces I am currently working on out of the way.

  • Beth Rodman

    Happy for you, Clarence and the rest of the gang! Hard work does pay off! And being a person who is always searching and on the go the street is the best resource for film! Keep moving and of course riding the BIKE! HEE! Beth from the BX!

  • April Greene

    Big props, Clarence! Love that Psychic Space piece — classic. I would say ‘keep up the good work,’ but I don’t think we could keep you from keeping up the good work if we wanted to. 🙂

  • lisa

    Enrique Penalosa is alright – really alright. So are these filmations.


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