Who Will be the Next DOT Commissioner?

People are starting to kick around the names of potential successors to outgoing DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall. This morning, Crain’s Insider reports:

Insiders believe that Mayor Mike Bloomberg will look inside his administration for Iris Weinshall’s replacement as transportation commissioner. But because Bloomberg will be out in 2009, top transportation people may favor state jobs: state transportation commissioner, Long Island Rail Road president or New York City Transit president. NJ Transit is seeking an executive director.. Two private-sector candidates could be Janette Sadik-Kahn of Parsons Brinckerhoff, who lost out to Weinshall for the job, and former MTA chair Bob Kiley, who implemented congestion pricing in London. Weinshall is leaving for CUNY in mid-April.

Sadik-Kahn was Mayor David Dinkins’ Transportation Advisor. In addition to setting up London’s congestion charging system, Kiley was chairman of the MTA in the 1980’s.

Here are some other names that are flying around:

  • It’s ridiculous

    to think that Kiley would want to run a two-bit pothole outfit for a mayor who has no interest after running both the transit system and the road system in London for a mayor completely focused on transportation.

  • Sweetie PI

    The last person that should be appointed DOT
    Commissioner if you want to be able to breathe or walk in New York is Michael Premeggia. At the beginning Iris Weinshall was open to new idea, but then Premeggia comes in and scares commissioners with – “What will happen if traffic in Manhattan is terrible and it’s your fault for trying something new”

  • CommanderKeen

    woloch? he seems to be a mystery man. does anyone even know anything about this guy – his record, his positions, his principles? he’s like the the wizard behind the curtain – that warrants some further research i think.

  • anon

    How about Joan McDonald over at EDC now leading their transportation work and was at DOT before then…..

  • I enjoy this idle speculation as much as anyone, but it’s a waste of time. It also helps take the heat off Bloomberg for having chosen thus far not to tackle the traffic congestion issue.

    And a PS to Crain’s: Bloomberg will be “in” all of 2009, and out on 1-1-2010. So the next Commish could have around a thousand days — more than enough time to work wonders, if the mayor wished.

  • smart money

    smart money choice is DOT First Deputy Commissioner Judith E. Bergtraum. She is next in line. She is a known quantity. She would owe her appointment to Doctoroff. Her husband is not a senator.

  • CommanderKeen

    smart money – if you are right, we’re all fucked.

  • am retarded

    Great…another political pansey – Bergtraum! She actually came out to a paving location and asked “how does the asphalt stay in the hole?” And I’m supposed to be a retard?

    Bring back Anthony J. Fasulo and set things right!

  • gecko

    how about nader?

  • smart money

    who really knows. If they had somebody lined up already they would have said so. whoever it is will have a red phone with direct dial to Doctoroff on their desk so it’s not going to be the same whether its a genius or a hack.

  • el-dub

    I’d like to ask Sweetie how he/she knows this about primeggia.

  • Instead of candidates, how about attributes:

    1. Rides a bike in NYC, even the occasional recreational ride.
    2. Has ridden mass transit to work for some period within the last 5 years
    3. Has taken a progressive stance on some significant issue before her in a previous position.

    Empathy and the willingness to make changes.

  • Bill Clinton for DOT

    keep the tradition alive

    Required attributes:
    1. no transpo experience
    2. spouse of US senator

  • Steve

    Bill, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!

  • Sweetie PI

    el-dub unfortunately I know about Premeggia from
    trying to work with him over a period of more than 10 years and have had any number of moles tell me that “Premeggia won’t allow that”.

  • MrFalafel

    el-dub – not sure why you care how she knows, do you really think someone would make that up? anyway, i can second what sweetie pi has said. what you see is what you get – an engineering throwback to the good old days of one-dimensional traffic engineering.

  • Bill Clinton

    Keep hope alive.

    Ignore Crain’s. It is a sewer of ignorance.

    I will not be denied.

    Cars Schmarz.

  • David Kupferberg

    Next DOT Commisioner? How about someone who gives a damn, for a change.


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