Auto-Free New York: Strategies for Reducing Car Use in Manhattan

A meeting of Auto-Free New York entitled "Strategies for Reducing Car Use in Manhattan" and featuring Megan Shane, Deputy Policy Director for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

Presented by the Institute for Rational Urban Mobility.


Auto-Free New York Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, June 27, 2006, 6 to 8pm:"Residential Parking Strategies for Reducing Car Use in NYC"Special Guest: Jeffrey Otto, Citizens Housing & Planning Council Auto-Free NY has been holding FREE monthly meetings, featuring a wide variety of guest speakers, since its founding in February, 1989. Usually held in lower Manhattan, they are free, open to the […]

Teaching City Gov’t to Count More Than Just Cars and Trucks

Transportation Alternatives issued a new study by transportation consultant Bruce Schaller today called Traffic Information in NYC (PDF file). The report, according to T.A., "uncovers large gaps in what is known about traffic and transportation in New York City." "The City," says Schaller, "is not collecting the basic information necessary to redress current gridlock, much […]

New York City’s Opinion-Makers Turn Attention to Traffic

Today’s Times Select, a subscriber-only web site, has published a lengthy manifesto on New York City traffic and transportation by Carolyn Curiel. It urges Mayor Bloomberg to listen to the ideas being generated by the Citywide Coalition for Traffic Relief, and suggests that his legacy depends on it. Increasingly, one gets the sense that the […]