Eyes on the Street: Demand Management


You get more of what you subsidize and less of what you tax. –Ancient Economic Adage

  • stuck in traffic

    While many seee congestion above, in reality, there are nearly no passenger vehicles above. The high number of taxis, express buses and tour buses are trips that will not disapear

  • The Lowly Pedestrian

    Yes those trips will not disappear. But even if the 10 -20 % of cars in the photo (and those on all of the adjoining streets not shown causing gridlock) were trimmed all over the city, then you would not have this level of congestion (please read chaos theory), and NYC would have more room for things like separated bike lanes and wider sidewalks.

    Stuck in traffic does not compute in this arguement.

  • mike

    Additionally, if you gave the buses in that picture a dedicated lane and made other BRT improvements, bus service would be vastly more attractive, perhaps taking some people out of those cabs. Of course, there are a fixed number of medallions out there, but there’d initially be some reduced demand which might eventually reduce the supply of cabs.

  • AD

    See all those cars in the bus lanes?

    They should be outta there.

  • Unfortunately the Mayor continues to resist congestion pricing:

    “I will say that personally I find it hard to see us coming out on the side of congestion pricing but we’re going to look at everything. We have a responsibility to look at everything. It may be that congestion pricing works in some cities and not in others.
    -Mayor Bloomberg at Yankee Stadium Groundbreaking

    Well then why not try an experiment???


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