Thursday’s Headlines: Happy Thanksgiving Edition

No news today.
No news today.

We’re going to take today off to spend four hours on various trains, subways and feet to visit relatives in the country, but we’ll be back on Friday with a heaping dose of news leftovers.

But before we leave you, we would be remiss if we didn’t beg you to work up your appetite by reading Friend of Streetsblog Aaron Short’s Hell Gate story about the growth of the Staten Island turkey population:

Enjoy your holiday.


If Crowded Old Airports Are “Un-New York,” What Are Crowded Old Trains?

Andrew Cuomo’s big infrastructure announcement with VP Joe Biden today was, if nothing else, a tidy encapsulation of how little the governor cares about the big problems facing New York’s transportation systems. For days the governor’s office had been hyping his appearance with Biden. Was Cuomo finally about to tell New Yorkers how he’s going to modernize the trains and buses […]