Monday’s Headlines: Go Fourth and Skip Today’s Headlines Edition

We’re taking today off because the nation is celebrating its secession from the British crown, but we’ll spend it re-reading the Declaration of Independence for a reminder.

When you’re done with that, check out the Julianne Cuba story we posted yesterday about how delivery workers did not cause any statistically significant mayhem during Grubhub’s “free lunch” day in May. The chaos, apparently, was limited to the kitchen.

We’ll be back tomorrow with a full slate of news that we ripped off from everyone else.


Advocates are calling for five new bike bridges, to carry cyclists from Queens and Brooklyn from three points in New Jersey, to Manhattan. Photo: T.Y. Lin International

Thursday’s Headlines: A Bridge Too Far Edition

For reasons we have yet to fathom, the New York Times takes great pains in virtually every local transportation story to highlight the grievances of New York City drivers. Given the many layers of editors at the Gray Lady, this concerted pro-car thrust cannot be an accident; by now, it must be acknowledged as an […]