Thursday’s Headlines: We Want to Party with You, Cowboy

Enjoy responsibly.
Enjoy responsibly.

And now a word from our sponsors…

Here’s one of your last chances to get a ticket to the Open Plans annual rooftop party, where you can meet your favorite street safety advocates (Sara Lind! Jackson Chabot! Carl Mahoney! Lisa Orman!) and the people who cover them (Dave Colon! Jesse Coburn! Julianne Cuba! Eve Kessler! Gersh Kuntzman!). Plus, you might even get a rare sighting of Streetsblog Publisher Mark Gorton!

Click here for information about the Thursday, June 16 bash on the roof of 148 Lafayette Street in beautiful downtown Soho. Boy, we love drinking on a rooftop while our editor regales us with old stories of the days when news came out only on paper.

In other news:

  • Like Streetsblog, Kevin Duggan of amNY covered how pro-open street Council Member Crystal Hudson suddenly raised objections about Willoughby Avenue.
  • Please stop beating up bus drivers! (NYDN, NY Post, amNY)
  • The Daily News covered the Rockaway Beach closures.
  • Usually, members of Congress run for mayor. Koch did it. Anthony Weiner did it. Badillo did it. And now former Mayor de Blasio wants to go the other way. (NY Post, PoliticsNY, Gothamist)
  • Meet us at that weird tiny (and newly renovated) little park at the opening of the Holland Tunnel! (amNY)
  • And get a Biggie Smalls MetroCard. (Gothamist)
  • Watch out for mayors who have business stakes in products they endorse. Mayor Adams better tread lightly. (NY Times)
  • Our old man editor is so eager to help his friends at The Hell Gate that he tossed in a feature story about one of his favorite New York places, the Russian and Turkish Baths on E. 10th Street. (Hell Gate)
  • And, finally, we thought we knew exactly where new Council Member Inna Vernikov stood on transportation after she expressed outrage over the price of gas…

…but then a few days later, she tweeted this:

So will the real Inna Vernikov please stand up? (We called her office for a comment and heard only crickets.)


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