Monday’s Headlines: A Very Busy Weekend to Recap Edition


It was a very busy weekend for news, so let’s get right to it:

  • Well, now we know why Brooklyn Council candidate Inna Vernikov opposes speed cameras so much — because they catch her so often! (NY Post)
  • The Post had chilling, horrifying video of the hit-and-run killing of a pedestrian on deadly Atlantic Avenue, though the paper’s coverage lacked the depth of Streetsblog’s ongoing exposés of the de Blasio administration’s failures to calm traffic on that notorious speedway. (Another man was killed in a hit-and-run this weekend, albeit as he tried to cross the Cross Bronx Expressway on foot, the Daily News reported. And amNY did a separate on a pedestrian killed in The Bronx.)
  • The Times, being the Times, did a really deep-dive profile of likely mayor Eric Adams over the weekend … a story that would have been a lot more useful about six months ago, when voters were really trying to learn more about the quirky former cop, vegan and, apparent, hoodie story plagiarist.
  • And just when the Paper of Record finally started noticing helicopter noise, Bloomberg comes along and talks of flying cars.
  • We covered a weekend rally by youths who want more bike lanes.
  • Guse of the Newsuh explored the possibility of replacing the now-disgraced AirTrain to LaGuardia by merely extending the subway from Astoria.
  • The George Washington Bridge turns 90 today, so the Daily News did its usual clickbait photo gallery coverage.
  • Hate Hudson Yards? Meet its kid brother, who is aiming to please. (Curbed)
  • A man was badly injured by a car driver in Midtown (NY Post) and a motorcyclist was killed by a car driver in Queens (NY Post).
  • Logrolling in our time: First, Post columnist Steve Cuozzo called for the city to delay its road safety plan on Fifth Avenue — and when the city indeed acceded to Cuozzo’s demands, we covered it. Then the Post credited us for breaking the story.
  • Let’s get a little more park in Park Avenue. (amNY)
  • In case you missed it last week, The Village Sun pointed out that not all the supporters of the anti-restaurant lawsuit are drivers.
  • The Sun also pointed out that cops sometimes let non-cops in on the scam of illegal parking, as long as the scofflaw driver is cop-adjacent.
  • Speaking of parking, car-loving Staten Island Advance columnist Tom Wrobleski chuckled over stories about the (illegal) lengths drivers will go to ensure that “their” spot isn’t taken by someone else’s car. We’ve tangled with Wrobleski before, but we enjoyed this week’s column, which really pulls the veil back on driver psychosis.
  • Also last week, the DOT cut the ribbon on new bike lanes on Fort Hamilton Parkway (Brooklyn Eagle, BoroPark24) and in Eastern Queens (DOT via Twitter).
  • And, finally, welcome to the war on cars, NBC News. (But watch where you point that “we” talk — WE’VE been not normalizing “the suffering caused by cars” for years):


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