Tuesday’s Headlines: Lost Keys Edition

One of the keys looked a little like this.
One of the keys looked a little like this.

It’s a longshot, but we’ll put it out there: our increasingly addled, long-hauling old man editor dropped his keys on Boerum Place between Pacific and Dean yesterday afternoon after a brief struggle with a recalcitrant bike lock. He didn’t notice they were missing until he got to Fourth Avenue and Sackett Street. You’d recognize them from the blue beer bottle opener (’cause you never know…), the Kryptonite key, a Key Food “loyalty” tag (of which he is quite proud) and an old-timey skeleton key that he kept as an affectation. Anyone see them? If so, get in touch!

If not, enjoy today’s news digest:

  • Everyone had a great time covering the story of the MTA bus supervisor who racked up $100,000 in tolls and fines for using a license plate cover to cheat the cameras, but no one answered the obvious question: Why does he still have a job (and why is he not being prosecuted?) (NYDN, NY Post, amNYStreetsblog)
  • The Post covered the sad death of Dimitry Maneiro in eastern Queens on Monday, but the Tabloid of Record didn’t offer any details about the death, or even how rarely cops solve hit-and-runs. Sorry, but our story was better.
  • Charges were upgraded against the alleged driver of the moped — not “scooter,” as all the papers keep reporting — who hit and killed actor Lisa Banes on the Upper West Side in June. He’s now facing criminally negligent homicide. (NY Post)
  • Over at the Carbon Tax Center, our pal Charles Komanoff is dubious about President Biden reaching his climate goals purely by hyping electric cars: “Unless policy interventions like road pricing, public transit and density-friendly upzoning can take root on a grand scale, the emission reductions from hastening electric transportation will largely be offset by more travel, especially as vehicles on our roads grow ever bigger and more power-demanding.”
  • Animal advocates protested one day after a carriage horse was injured in a crash with a car. The activists spilled fake blood on the sidewalk. (amNY)
  • In mayoral news, stop, meet frisk. (NY Times)
  • And, finally, more drivers behaving badly in Park Slope:


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