Look Out, Candidates: Christopher Robbins Joins Streetsblog for Mayoral Campaign Gig

New York journalist Christopher Robbins
New York journalist Christopher Robbins

Gothamist’s foolishness is Streetsblog’s gain.

Starting this week, and continuing through the June 22 primary elections, former Gothamist editor and reporter Christopher Robbins will be reporting for us on the mayoral race.

Robbins dove right in yesterday, covering the street fight in Times Square between Andrew Yang and Eric Adams on policing.

The opportunity presented itself in late April when Gothamist parted company with the veteran reporter and union leader for no stated reason. Streetsblog Publisher Mark Gorton moved quickly.

“Streetsblog has done a great job highlighting the struggles of the city to move from car-dominated to people-oriented streets, but as the election draws near, our reporters have been tasked with staying on top of both the daily fight for safe streets and also dynamics of the election races,” Gorton said. “Adding Chris Robbins to our team will help us expand the breadth of our coverage over the next six weeks. We look forward to some great engagement with the candidates.”

For Robbins’s part, look, it’s a temporary gig, but he’s going into it full throttle:

“New Yorkers are still busy dealing with the anguish and trauma of a devastating global pandemic and figuring out how to move forward towards an exciting if uncertain future. Now we have to pick a mayor, too? My goal is to help us all figure out what these candidates stand for and how they’ll address the biggest challenges this city faces,” Robbins said. “I want to connect existential questions (How will we prevent climate annihilation? How can a mayor stem economic inequality and racial injustice?) with quotidian concerns (Will street parking be forever free? Who will make the buses faster fastest?).

“I will do my best to ask annoying questions, write thoughtful analysis, and report on the current state of the race without being breathless or boring,” Robbins added.

So if you’re a reader with a hot tip — or a candidate who wants to spin your way off Robbins’s hook — email him by clicking here. And follow him on Twitter at @christrobbins.


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