Friday’s Headlines: Busy Day Edition


Looks like our old man editor picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

The one day of the month he takes off, and boom, boom, boom, boom — news was breaking yesterday like brandy snifters in a royal fireplace.

So let’s get to it:

  • The Council did indeed pass its bill — which the mayor promised to sign — putting the Department of Transportation in charge of overseeing crash investigations and analysis. Lots of outlets covered. (Streetsblog, NY Post, amNY). The Daily News’s spin, however, was outrageous, with a headline reading, “NYC Council approves several sweeping police reform bills that handcuff NYPD.” (Way to print the NYPD press release, guys.)
  • Mayor de Blasio’s uninspired announcement of how his “permanent” open streets plan will work wasn’t given nearly enough coverage yesterday. Streetsblog dug deep, and amNY also covered, but from the big dailies? Crickets.
  • The mayor also said he’d consider widening bike lanes that are getting a dangerous amount of traffic (hey, he’s finally doing that on the Brooklyn and Queensboro bridges, so why not Second Avenue?). (Streetsblog)
  • A new Staten Island Ferry boat is on its way to New York — named after the great Dorothy Day. (amNY)
  • And, finally, there was a Transportation Alternatives mayoral forum that kept our staff up late last night with running tweets. Here are two samples (we’ll have more coverage later today):


Council Member Antonio Reynoso will rally today for sanitation reform. Photo: John McCarten/NYC Council

Wednesday’s Headlines: A Very Full Day Ahead Edition

It's going to be a busy day, what with a court hearing on Mayor de Blasio's Morris Park Avenue safety redesign at 9:30, an announcement by Revel scooters at 11 a.m., a press conference on Antonio Reynoso's private carting reform bill, then the passage of the Vision Zero Design Standards bill by the Council, despite Mayor de Blasio's opposition, and then we'll end the day with a Taxi and Limousine Commission "dialogue ride" between cyclists and cabbies. Start with the news.