A Round and a Roundy: How the NYPD Investigates Crashes (Poorly)

Cartoon: Bill Roundy
Cartoon: Bill Roundy
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Our editorial cartoonist was upset after reading our post about shoddy policing that absolved a driver off who had just rammed her car into a cyclist on the Second Avenue “protected” bike lane.

Editorial cartoon of Bill Roundy by editorial cartoonist Bill Roundy.
Bill Roundy by Bill Roundy.

And it made him wonder: Does the NYPD treat other crimes as if they are simply unavoidable “accidents”? Of course not. If someone uses a gun or a knife to injure someone, Dermot Shea’s officers seek to hold someone accountable for that violence. As they should.

But road violence is treated differently. Sure, it’s partly because everyone (including cops) drive — and unlike carrying a gun, driving itself isn’t illegal. But when any tool — a gun, a screwdriver or a car — is used violently or carelessly, there needs to be some recourse.

Except the NYPD doesn’t agree, which is why we need national treasures like Bill Roundy on the case.

All of Bill Roundy’s cartoons are archived here.


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