Friday’s Headlines: Our Editor is Unavailable Edition

Here's a guy (not our editor) in a People's Poncho — whose front pouch is not waterproof.
Here's a guy (not our editor) in a People's Poncho — whose front pouch is not waterproof.

It’s called the People’s Poncho. It’s sold to cyclists — you know, people like Orcutt and Komanoff and Kuntzman and Furlong and Gordon and Shepard and Stach and @driversofnyc who bike every day, rain or shine. It’s perfectly designed in every way — even has a pouch in the front to hold your phone.


Our grouchy editor discovered during yesterday’s rain storm that the pouch on the People’s Poncho isn’t waterproof. So that iPhone that he literally just paid off last month? It’s so full of water that he’s nicknamed it Dasani. So if you’re trying to reach the boss, email will be best today.

For now, here’s the news from a slow, wet Thursday:

  • The mayor announced a new “diversion” program (Wall Street Journal) for homeless people on the subways, but advocates don’t really like it. (amNY)
  • More controversy for Mayor de Blasio’s ferry: Boat captains want to unionize, but their bosses don’t want to let them. (Wall Street Journal).
  • The Barclays Center station is falling apart. (Gothamist)
  • New York Business Journal is the latest outlet to post some pixels about Levy Scooters’ very funny video revealing that NYPD officers don’t know that scooters are illegal.
  • NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill offered his own version of Mayor de Blasio’s fact-free objection to e-bikes and e-scooters. (WCBS)
  • Hey, Channel 2 news: The 1980s called and it wants its anti-bike-lane/pro-car headline back.
  • In case you missed it, New York League of Conservation Voters President Julie Tighe penned an op-ed in Crain’s in favor of a state bill legalizing e-bikes and e-scooters.
  • Also in case you missed it, the Times did a nice story about the long-distance-riding Brooklyn Red Caps.
  • And, finally, McSweeney’s (of all places) offered the greatest version of a community board speech by a NIMBY that we have ever read.

Andy Byford was at a TransitCenter event last night, talking about his new Bronx bus network. Our own Julianne Cuba was there — and she’ll have a full story this morning (right, Julianne?). Check back for that and other updates all day long. And have a great weekend.

  • Sassojr

    Great job on mentioning the Bronx bus “redesign”. You’re only 9 days late.

    I really like Byford, but this was a tweak, not a redesign.

  • Sassojr

    “We aren’t Tacoma. We aren’t Amherst. We aren’t Portland, Maine. Are we Scottsdale? No, we are not. And so all this so-called “evidence” about how policies have worked in other towns simply does not apply to us. No evidence applies to us. Our town exists in a fog of mystery and enigmatic strangeness, and nothing that happens outside city boundaries should have any bearing on how we govern or exist.”

    On a separate note, this is how I feel every time I bring up that motorcycles should get a full exemption from “Congestion” Tolling, like in London, Stockholm, and Singapore (I’m pretty sure on Singapore but it’s late and I might be wrong). “We’re a special flower and the MTA needs every penny it can get”

  • Joe R.

    Well, that was a spot on NIMBY rant except for one thing:

    I’ve lived in the same house in the Elm Heights neighborhood for the past twenty years…

    Probably should be since the end of WWII, or at least since 1960. These NIMBYs typically view that era from 1945 through 1960 or so as some kind of great, golden age which must be preserved for all eternity. Well, maybe it was great if you were white, male, and happened to be born into at least a solidly middle class family. If you were female, black, Asian, Hispanic, or pretty much anything else things were pretty much the exact opposite. It wasn’t so great if you were poor and white, either.

  • Joe R.

    Motorcycles are only a few rungs above the bottom in this city, which is why nobody even considered exempting them from congestion tolling. The hierarchy in order of most important to least important seems to be as follows:

    emergency vehicles>placarded cars>all other cars>delivery trucks>buses>motorcycles>pedestrians>pedal bikes>e-bikes

  • Andrew

    The Barclays Center station is falling apart.

    More like a non-MTA contractor is demolishing the station.

    (Would you report that a cyclist is dying without bothering to mention that he was struck by a motorist? If not, then why would you say that a subway station is falling apart without bothering to mention that someone drilled into it from above?)

  • woodyguthrie

    A Stop at WIlloughby — one of the best Twilight Zone episodes. Reportedly one of Sterling’s favorites.

  • Sassojr

    Exactly, “we’re a special flower” unlike the other cities that have implemented “Congestion” Tolling

  • sbauman

    Our grouchy editor discovered during yesterday’s rain storm that the pouch on the People’s Poncho isn’t waterproof.

    Once water gets into the pouch, it cannot get out. That’s definitely waterproof.

    The water probably got in through the zipper. Once in, there was no escape route.

    You should place anything into a plastic bag before placing it in a rain cape pocket, front bag, saddle bag or pannier. That’s the best insurance for keeping the article dry.

  • gershed!

    The problem was not what he said, but with your assumption that what this site does is “reporting.”


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