BREAKING (Skin Only): Corey Johnson Injured in Scooter Mishap in Mexico

Corey Johnson on a Citi Bike.
Corey Johnson on a Citi Bike.

Olé? No, oy vey!

Corey Johnson’s vacation in Mexico City was rudely interrupted on Tuesday when he tumbled off a Lime scooter and cut himself up.

According to the Speaker’s personal Twitter account, the potential mayoral candidate did not do so well in his maiden voyage on an e-scooter — a form of transportation whose legality in New York City is currently before the Council.

“First five minutes on a @limebike scooter in Mexico City and I face plant on a busy street,” Johnson tweeted from his personal account, which he recently renamed after a “Game of Thrones” character.

Johnson said he was “not injured” in the crash, but that he was “scraped, scratched [and] covered in black stains from the tar on the road.”

Well-wishers filled Johnson’s Twitter feed, but others pointed out that the Speaker’s experience might come back to haunt supporters of the still-illegal form of micro-mobility.

“A bad sign for the bill being considered that would legalize e-scooters in NYC?” tweeted Jeff Coltin, a reporter for City & State.

The Speaker is on vacation in the Mexican capital through Friday, his office confirmed.

  • Joe R.

    I’m a highly experienced cyclist but honestly I don’t think I would touch those things. The small wheels especially are a big hazard over lousy pavement. I’m glad he’s OK, but I think we need a little common sense while introducing these into NYC. They’re a great mobility option BUT I think they need larger wheels. We also really need to start maintaining streets in good condition. This is just as important for cyclists as it is for scooter riders. I’ve been riding over 40 years and never remember the streets being in this poor a condition. That especially includes after they’re repaved. Lots of streets by me are still full of waves and dips right after repaving. The underlying conditions creating potholes and other issues should be fixed first by the final layer of asphalt is put on. Better yet, we should start using concrete instead of asphalt as it’s far less prone to potholes.

  • Elizabeth F

    It bothers me that so many so-called “advocates” for e-bikes, e-scooters, e-things don’t seem to have ever actually tried one.

  • com63

    Agreed. These things are often sketchy and amateur riders are unprepared for the risks. With dedicated street space, good roads and a careful operator, they are a great mobility solution.

  • I tried my first scooter recently. I git 9mph and it felt FAST.

  • cjstephens

    For and against, to be fair. But yes, I agree.

  • cjstephens

    I don’t support Johnson on a lot of issues, but I have to give him props for trying out the new technology himself. Would that more elected officials would do the same. I wish him a speedy recovery.