NYPD Says Cops Can Block Fire Hydrants With Personal Vehicles, Because They’re Cops

There's no such thing as authorized illegal parking. That's not how laws work.


Mayor de Blasio said recently that he’s not happy with the way his placard “crackdown” is going.

“I don’t think the city agencies have done a good enough job,” de Blasio told WNYC’s Brian Lehrer, “and I have again directed the deputy mayor for operations to come up with a much more aggressive plan because there cannot be any sense that placard abuse is acceptable.”

If de Blasio is finally getting serious about placard abuse, he has to start with NYPD. Under de Blasio, cops are so accustomed to living above the law that they don’t even try to hide it.

When Danny Imperiali notified 311 of a placard abuser blocking a fire hydrant near the 114th Precinct in Astoria, NYPD, via 311, responded that the offense was actually “authorized parking in vicinity of precinct.”

There’s no such thing as authorized illegal parking. That’s not how laws work.

Parking rules exist because illegally parked vehicles pose a risk to the public. It doesn’t matter who the vehicle belongs to.

The 114th Precinct is where two weeks ago cops blamed cyclist Xellea Samonte for her own death, ignoring evidence to the contrary. Which is another indication that officers only identify with people who get around inside a motor vehicle.

In the world outside the NYPD bubble, laws apply to everyone. Until de Blasio is willing to pop that bubble, all his crackdown rhetoric will continue to be just that.

  • Maggie

    Oh. What exactly is the bold leadership the MAYOR of NYC is looking to his deputy mayor of operations to figure out here? A real profile in courage.

    Boot or tow illegally parked cars throughout the city after a one-time notice that it will start, effective tomorrow. Cities around the world manage to do this. It’s not hard.

    If any civic employee is too strapped to pay for the street space they consume, let’s hear what they need and why it has metastasized to the thoroughly unhealthy, “who me? screw you” state our city is now stuck in. If what they want is free, unfettered street parking, NYC probably isn’t the right city.

  • BrandonWC

    Remember to always file your placard abuse 311 complaints on the web (not in the app) so that they are properly classified as placard abuse.

  • Daphna

    The 26th Precinct NYPD employees park their personal vehicles all over the nearby sidewalks, making these sidewalks uncomfortable and nearly unwalkable for pedestrians. NYPD, FDNY, Dept. of Ed and other government employees should be required to park legally if they choose to drive to work. Requiring government employees to follow the law regarding parking would be such a positive change for the city. There is rampant illegal parking by this segment of the population creating adverse affects for all others.

  • AMH

    And I saw TWO (!) police cars pull over a cyclist near the 26. It was unclear why, but pretty brazen when at least ten vehicles were illegally parked all over the street, not even counting the dozens on the sidewalks. This crap has to stop.

  • Fool

    Ban Police Unions

  • William Lawson

    I have reported cops blocking hydrants around PSA4 so many times and each time, the report comes back “police responded to the scene and found no violation taking place.” Meanwhile the hydrant remains blocked. They are terminally lawless and the most dishonest institution in NY, if not the country. Hopelessly corrupt. They will falsify anything. They will break any law they want to, and tell you straight to your face without blinking. They are an insufferable disgrace to this city.

  • LeadFromBehind

    Why are people surprised that cops are born liars and criminals? I raise a toast in celebration every time a pig gets blown away.