Today’s Headlines

  • Crain’s: Cuomo Has to Let Byford Do His Job; Related: NY1
  • PIX Talks With Marty Golden and Marco Conner About Speed Cameras
  • Cyclist Doored and Run Over in LIC Is in Critical Condition (News)
  • Family of Shevon Bethea to File Suit Against the MTA (News)
  • Runner Injured by Cyclist Sues Port Authority Over Packed GWB Path (News, Post)
  • BK Curb Jump Killer Out on Bail Charged for Trying to Murder Witness (News)
  • Dirt Bike Rider Crashes in Brooklyn, Thief Steals Bike as He Lay Dying (News)
  • NYPD Rules Against Police Car Chases Are Just for Show (Post)
  • Brooklyn CB 7 Worried About Truck Traffic From Revived Marine Terminal (BK Paper)
  • Suddenly, Emergency Responders Are the Problem (NY1)

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  • HamTech87

    Any charges against the car occupant who opened the door without looking?

  • ortcutt

    So, the hydrant was already there, he (or some previous owner) went and put in a driveway and now wants the City to pay to move the hydrant? The chutzpah of some people is really something else. If he doesn’t like where the hydrant is, he should pay the cost of moving it.

  • Scroller

    I’m with you on the Brooklyn ones.

    The Staten Island example is peculiar though. It’s not in front of a drive way, it is literally just sitting about two feet out into the street. Looking at neighboring streets, it looks like there might have once been a narrow strip of grass along the road that DOT paved over at some point. The whole area has no curbs. Very odd.

  • Fool

    The driveways were likely illegal installations.

  • ortcutt


  • ortcutt

    The road was clearly widened at some point. The hydrant is only one problem there.