Street Cheats: One Cop Delaying Hundreds of Bus Riders

Photo: @TheDistancePlan/Twitter
Photo: @TheDistancePlan/Twitter

Yesterday, multiple members of the City Council used their platform on the transportation committee to vent about buses that leave the bus lane and venture into general traffic lanes.

Despite representing districts where the vast majority of people don’t own cars and rely on buses and trains, council members including Ruben Diaz Sr. and Fernando Cabrera just couldn’t see past their own experience behind the windshield. Instead of seeing bus lanes as a way for New Yorkers to bypass the congestion caused by space-hogging personal cars, they perceive them as slights to their personal status as motorists.

Maybe because so few council members ride the bus, no one at the hearing mentioned one of the real scourges of the city’s bus lane network: cops in bus lanes. Someone should show them this photo that @TheDistancePlan tweeted out last week.

It’s a view of 125th Street from Metro-North’s Park Avenue viaduct, in the 25th Precinct, where several buses had to merge into the general traffic lane in the span of a few minutes. In other words, hundreds of people were delayed by this single police officer who couldn’t be bothered to park a few feet away:

A City Council oversight hearing castigating NYPD for degrading the city’s transit improvement projects could have sparked some fireworks and generated a few stories in the major dailies. Stuck in their windshield perspective, Diaz and company missed their chance.

  • Jeff

    Screw the hundreds of bus riders, I’m more concerned about the four or five “private citizens” who are going to be mildly inconvenienced when the bus merges back into traffic!

  • crazytrainmatt

    Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far away…

    The upshot that all the city council members in Seattle take the bus, ferry, train, bike, walk or carpool despite less conducive transit and land use overall. The one city council member who admitted to driving alone a few times goes to great lengths to explain herself. Even if it may be partly virtue signaling, it tells you what they think constituents want to hear.

  • Joe R.

    All that just to get donuts.

    Instead of waiting for Albany’s permission for more bus lane cameras, how about NYC just bollards off bus lanes? That’s a foolproof, low-tech solution which will end nonsense like that shown in the pictures. Well, technically an unauthorized vehicle can still enter a bollarded bus lane at intersections, but that’s easily dealt with by having the bus just push it out of the way.

    And why block the bus lane except to give the proverbial middle finger to the citizens they supposedly serve? There are at least two open spots within very easy walking distance.

  • JarekFA

    All that just to get donuts.

    Confirmed. Here’s two in a bus stop (at the dangerous 5th ave and 9th street intersection in Brooklyn) and you can see them inside the Dunkin Donuts. From last week.

  • JarekFA

    Lol – the guy who drove “an electric” vehicle.

  • Hilda

    And what is the (perpendicular to traffic) blue car doing on the opposite side? Oh, making an illegal u-turn/3- point turn and stopping traffic, including buses, in both directions.

  • AnoNYC

    125th St should be buses only IMO. Similar to Fulton in BK. Would do the same for Fordham Rd.

  • kevd

    Guys! It was obviously an EMERGENCY and one of NYC’s hero’s NEEDED to park there temporarily to SAVE LIVES!

  • Ken Dodd

    Here’s some cops parked in a bike lane to get donuts

  • PurpleHills

    I agree, they were almost out of donuts and they needed to rush in there and load up.

  • djx

    How about a little professional courtesy toward the men and women in blue, who every day are ready to lay their lives on the line for you?! How about that? Most dangerous job in the city, never knowing if they’re coming home in a box. Why are you siding with thugs and lowlifes against NYC’s Finest! You’d probably be the first to complain when you need help from the boys in blue and they don’t get there fast enough. Sheesh. Give them some courtesy and respect.

  • JarekFA

    It’s not even remotely close to being the most dangerous job in the city. That would be private sanitation haulers and construction workers.

    I don’t have a problem with professional courtesy provided it doesn’t harm others. Parking in bus lanes and bus stops is a big problem that harms civilians. Since when is doing their job considered “siding with thugs and low lives”? Their job includes enforcing the law against parking in bus stops and bus lanes. I actually give them a ton of courtesy and respect. I wish they’d do the same.

    Also, if your comment was sarcasm, then very well done. It was hard to tell.

  • qrt145

    It was a perfect example of Poe’s law: impossible to tell whether it is sincere or parody!

  • NYCyclist

    Salient point: “Council members must pay for parking in the City Hall garage.”

  • djx

    Fighting for what’s right every day, against the thugs and lowlifes and gangbangers, and the libs who want to protect them. Never knowing if they’ll make it home at night, simply asking for a little respect with an “R.” A little courtesy for the toughest job around, putting their lives in the way all the time. Is that too much to ask, for a little respect for the boys in blue? Let them park for a few minutes and simply enjoy a cup of joe before heading out again into the jungle to protect the public from lowlifes and gangbangers. It’s a war out there and they’re just asking for a few minutes of R & R. And never even getting a word of thanks. Sheesh.

  • djx

    Last line of defense against the dirtbags and scum, and you want to take donuts out of their mouths? Can’t they even have a few minutes of peace with a donut and cuppa coffee before having to head out into the jungle to fight the scum and lowlifes on your behalf without even a word of thanks, just hippies and smartass punks on bikes trying to make their lives hell. Sheesh.

    When you smartass hipsters on bikes are getting a beatdown from the thugs and gangbangers, THEN you’ll come begging for help from NYPD’s Finest. Then you’ll wipe that smirk off your faces and give a little respect and courtesy for the boys in blue. You know that.

  • Ken Dodd

    Why do people keep rolling out this line that the danger of police work means we should cut them some slack and allow them to be as corrupt and lawless as they like? First of all, the risks you take at work do not grant you immunity from the law, not by any degree. Secondly, police work doesn’t even make the list of top 10 most dangerous jobs, and none of the people on that list are granted special vehicular privileges.

  • Ken Dodd

    Yeah the sarcasm in some of these posters is getting out of hand – there are a few who perpetuate the sarcasm persona 24/7 and I dunno, you’re just supposed to automatically “know” if they’re being sarcastic or not?

  • And Jamaica Avenue in Jamaica.

  • Hugh Shepard

    Typical, not really specific to cops. Other New Yorkers do that all the time.

  • Ken Dodd

    You’re missing the point. The cops are supposed to be upholding the law. How can they do that, when they break it themselves all the time. And why should anyone else have respect for the law when the cops clearly don’t?

  • Hugh Shepard

    Nobody respects the law. That’s just silly. People do what they can so they don’t get ticketed, arrested, fined, prosecuted, or looked down upon by the general public. Some people also do what they think is right. But why respect some silly little document that is hard to understand?

  • Jacob

    Why is that bus lane not in the middle of the street??? (head explodes)


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