Today’s Headlines

  • IDC Charade Winding Down — Stewart-Cousins to Lead Senate Dems (NYT, News)
  • Driver Strikes and Kills DOT Worker George Staab on Hutchinson River Parkway (News1010WINS)
  • Police Shoot and Kill Saheed Vassell, Unarmed Black Man With Bipolar Disorder (News, Post)
  • Daily News: Don’t Let the Momentum for Congestion Pricing Slip Away
  • A Cabbie’s Case for an Uber Cap (News)
  • Sunnyside Dad Pleads for Protected Bike Lanes on 43rd and Skillman (TL)
  • Gateway Construction Timeline Could Unravel as Project Leaders Wait on Trump Bureaucracy (Politico)
  • Remember Cuomo’s $200 Million MTA Bridge Lights? Cuomo Hopes You Don’t. (Politico)
  • LinkNYC Kiosks Will Start Displaying BusTime Info for Nearby Routes (AMNYCrain’s, Bklyner)
  • Marty Golden Approves of This Trash (Jewish Voice)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “Under the agreement, which was hashed out during a two-hour meeting on Tuesday with Gov. Cuomo, Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-Queens) and influential labor unions…”

    What does that mean?

  • UnderMindControl

    What’s wrong with Golden supporting a local independent publication? I smell anti-Semite radical, environmentalist psycho

  • com63

    Really good reporting in that Politico article on the bridge lights. I love how they tracked down tons of info from the contractor and consultants even though the State won’t comment.

  • yeah we’re raving anti-Semites here at Streetsblog

  • reasonableexplanation

    Dude, what’s wrong with you?

  • HamTech87
  • HamTech87

    You’re right about the great reporting. Wow! And really gets to the heart of what’s wrong with Cuomo’s Albany. It is bad when private companies are more transparent than government agencies.

  • redbike

    The good news: Golden faces a credible primary contest.

  • Vooch

    the guy must be related to Seinfeld’s crazy Uncle

  • JarekFA

    I feel for that Sunnyside Dad. I’m a Greenwood Heights Dad. So I’m smack between Sunset Park and Park Slope. Everything is such a short bike ride away (including preschool) and the alternative is taking a car (or buying one) for these relatively short distances. It’s just nuts that we don’t have effective leadership in this city that can effectively communicate how much more convenient this city can become if we modified our streetscape to enhance bike and ebike mobility. People are scared to death of losing mobility. So they cling to their cars even with onerous ASP rules and the congestion it causes (and to be fair, for many hours of the day, there’s little congestion, on, like 5th ave in Brooklyn for example or 9th street, which has very low traffic volumes — indicating, excess street capacity for cars and the exclusion of modes that can efficiently carry more peope). They’re afraid of losing their kids to traffic violence so it becomes an arms race to ensconce our children in 3,000lb of steel for really short errands. Even my Dutch born and raised wife would like a car for us. I hate de Blasio.