Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Kills Cyclist Josef Mittlemann, 67, in Chelsea; NYPD Blames Victim (News, Post)
  • Electeds Pressure City Hall and MTA to Produce L Train Plan (Voice, AMNY, News)
  • Will Phil Murphy Put the Brakes on Cuomo’s Vanity Transpo Projects? (Politico)
  • TransitCenter: Busted Subway Elevators Epitomize MTA Dysfunction
  • Judge Rules TLC Not Bound to Protect Medallion Owners From Uber (Post)
  • NJ Transit Blames Poor Bus Service on PABT and Oh Yeah Lack of Buses (
  • GOP Tax Bill Could Make It Harder for Jersey to Recover From Christie (NYT)
  • De Blasio’s Department of Correction Vehicle Imbroglio Isn’t Going Away (NYT)
  • Driver Critically Injures Woman in Borough Park; NYPD, News Blame Victim
  • Nice Times Item on How Civilized Holiday Travel Could Be Before Cars

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  • Vooch

    They’ve changed the victim blaming from

    “I couldn’t see him” “She darted into the street”


    “she blew through a red light”

  • sbauman

    A review of Streetsblog’s index reveals that Gothamist broke the story of the L Train shutdown a bit before January 15, 2016. It has already taken 50% longer to devise a mitigation plan than the planned 15 month shutdown. Thus far, there is nothing to show for these efforts.

    D-Day took two years of planning. They still had time to invade North Africa and Sicily before heading to the Normandy beaches. Think of the alternate history, had the MTA been in charge of the planning.

  • AnoNYC