Thursday: Join Us at the Streets Ball and Support Journalism That Makes a Difference for NYC Streets


If you’ve been holding off buying tickets to Streetsblog’s big annual fundraising event, time is running short — Streets Ball 2017 is coming up on Thursday.

Since 2006, we’ve cut through the both sides-ism that plagues too much transportation reportage. You can count on Streetsblog to stand up for smart street design policy, to call out political cowardice, and to hold the right people accountable for the state of our transit system. And no one is better at showing why we should strive for safe streets and great transit than Streetfilms’ Clarence Eckerson.

This year we’re honoring Charles Komanoff, Mujeres en Movimiento, and the Law Office of Vaccaro & White — New Yorkers who’ve persevered for safer, more sustainable streets. In distinctive ways, they’ve all contributed to a movement that is demanding better conditions for walking, biking, and transit from our elected officials.

That movement is on the cusp of delivering some huge wins in the year ahead, and we need your help to make the most of these opportunities. Consider a few of the developing stories that will be culminating the next 12 months:

  • Congestion pricing has serious political momentum for the first time in years, a rare chance to deliver bold traffic reduction measures for NYC.
  • DOT and the MTA will be finalizing plans to handle the flood of displaced subway passengers during the L train shutdown in 2019. This is the time to press policy makers to prioritize transit, biking, and walking on 14th Street, Delancey Street, the Williamsburg Bridge, and Grand Street in Brooklyn.
  • There’s also great momentum for protected bike lanes on Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, parts of Queens Boulevard, and the avenues in the heart of Midtown — which could make safe bicycling accessible to hundreds of thousands more people.

Come out to the Streets Ball and support reporting that makes the case for these major improvements to our streets and transportation system, all while you enjoy great company and amazing food and drink. It’s all happening at Current, next to the Hudson River Greenway at 18th Street. Join us and get your tickets today.


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