Bike-Share Expansion in Harlem, Astoria, and Central Brooklyn Starts Next Week

This phase adds 140 stations and 2,000 bikes to the system. After that, there is no official plan to expand further, though the city is in talks with Motivate.

Citi Bikes aren't performing that well. Photo: Adrian Nutter/Flickr
Citi Bikes aren't performing that well. Photo: Adrian Nutter/Flickr

Next Tuesday, September 12, Citi Bike operator Motivate will begin installing 140 new stations and 2,000 bikes in Astoria, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, and Harlem up to 130th Street, marking the final phase of planned expansion for the four-year-old bike-share system.

Prospect Heights and Crown Heights will get 27 stations, Astoria 59, and Harlem 49. (You can see the final station maps on the city’s website.) Citi Bike will also add seven “infill” stations to fill out thin parts of the bike-share network in Long Island City.

The expansion in Astoria comes out to just 19 stations per square mile, however, significantly less than the 28 recommended by the National Association of City Transportation Officials to keep stations within easy walking distance.

Citi Bike begins expanding into the yellow-shaded areas of the map next week. Image: Motivate
Citi Bike begins expanding into the yellow-shaded areas of the map next week. Image: Motivate

When this expansion phase wraps up in the fall, the bike-share system will encompass 12,000 bikes. But much of the city — including densely populated, walkable neighborhoods where bike-share would be well-used — will still not be covered by Citi Bike.

For the last 18 months, the city and Motivate have been negotiating terms for the next phase of bike-share expansion. Under a draft proposal reported by Politico in May, Motivate would add 6,000 more bikes at no cost to the city. Two-thirds of that expansion would cover new turf, and one-third would be placed in neighborhoods that currently fall short of NACTO’s station density guidelines.

Leading City Council members have urged the city to close the deal.

  • c2check

    Still waiting impatiently in Bushwick.
    Would come in real handy with the M and L train shutdowns, so we can connect more quickly to other nearby lines like the G or J.

  • Vooch

    awesome !

  • Ann Seaton

    What about Jackson Heights?
    Super-dense, very walkable and we already have a lot of people on bikes…we need Citibike here!

  • HamTech87

    Sadly, I think Citibike would be overwhelmed during the shutdowns.

  • AMH

    Finally, it’s about freakin’ time! I hope they’ll be finished before winter.

    Still needs to expand to at least 168 St.

  • Adam DiCaprio
  • Reggie

    The Prospect Heights and Crown Heights link also links top the Astoria PDF.

  • qrt145

    You can also see the new stations on the station map in the Citi Bike website or app.

  • Daphna

    That Feb. 2016 article shows how backwards Harlem politics are. Harlem tries to fight off improvements such as Select Bus Service and bikeshare that other communities seek out.

  • Daphna

    Looking at the map, the political appointee board, CB11, in East Harlem, changed seven of their planned stations from road to sidewalk. CB10 moved the single bikeshare station in their district that was supposed to have been on the road into a park making 100% of CB10’s stations one sidewalks, median, or parks – not a single docking station will replace a single parking spot, which demonstrates their priorities. It seems the workshops for CB10 and CB11 docking station locations had the primary goal of moving any planned roadbed location to a sidewalk or park regardless of ideal station spacing or placement.

  • David Meyer

    Thanks. Fixed.


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