Today’s Headlines

  • How Much Has the MTA Already Spent on Cuomo’s Bridge Light Show? (Politico, News)
  • NYPD and Action Carting Still Haven’t IDed Hit-and-Run Truck Driver Who Killed Neftaly Ramirez (Bklyn Paper)
  • Times: Raise Revenue for the MTA, But It Will Take More Than Money to Fix Transit in NYC
  • More Coverage of Yesterday’s City Council Hearing on the MTA (AMNY, WNYCNews, GothamistNY1)
  • A Highlight: Jumaane Williams Unloading on Absent Lhota and Cuomo (Politico)
  • De Blasio Starts Selling His Millionaires Tax to Senate GOP (Politico, Post)
  • Gelinas: Mayor Was Better Off Insisting Cuomo Handle MTA Fixes Himself (Post)
  • Dan Squadron Resigns From State Senate, Citing Albany Stasis and Corruption (News)
  • When You’re Delayed on a Train, at Least Now the Conductor Tells You Why (NYT)
  • First Precinct’s Crime Blotter Is Full of Bike Thefts (DNA)
  • The Perfect Mash-Up of Cuomo’s Subway Wi-Fi and Station Sponsorship Initiatives (News)

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  • Vooch
  • Larry Littlefield

    Hey Squadron, one of the seedy things about politics in New York is that there are no real elections for state legislature.
    It’s “illegal” to run against incumbents, and when one of them has to leave for whatever reason, they do it after being re-elected, so their replacement can be appointed in a special election that only the political/union class knows about.
    And that is what Squadron is doing. Come November 2018, unless he has really proven that’s NOT what this is all about, people should be informed they’ve been robbed again.

  • Larry Littlefield

    There is a war on cars in Oklahoma. Just electric and hybrid cars.

    One of the lowest tax states in the country, before big tax cuts a few years ago. Now public services are collapsing. It’s New York in reverse.

  • (The link in the Squadron headline goes to a story about subway announcements.)

    Squadron was one of the few voices of sanity in the hopelessly dysfunctional Senate; it is a shame to lose him. Though one can certainly understand how a principled person can become burnt out in a setting where corruption is the norm.