Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio’s Millionaires Tax as Political Stagecraft (NYT)
  • More Millionaires Tax News and Reactions (Politico; News 1, 2; Post 12; WSJ; Crain’s; AMNYNY1)
  • Lhota: “Congestion Pricing Is Something That Needs to Be Considered” (AMNY)
  • Bullshit Talking Points Against Congestion Pricing From the Mayor and NYC Reps in Albany (NY1)
  • If Lhota Was Really Independent, He’d Ask Cuomo to Fund Subways, Not Bridge Lights (Post)
  • Rodriguez and Dinowitz Rode the Subway — Will They Hold Cuomo’s MTA Accountable? (Crain’s)
  • Tractor-Trailer Driver Strikes and Kills Man, 73, Crossing 7th Ave in Chelsea (DNA, NewsNY1)
  • One Man Killed Crossing Yellowstone Blvd, One Critically Injured on 125th Street; Cops Blame Both (News)
  • Drunk Off-Duty NYPD Officer Crashes Car With Her Son Inside on Long Island Highway (NewsPost)
  • DOT Took Its Citywide Transit Planning Tour to Jamaica Last Week (TL)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “What happened the last time is, I think the mayor flew to London and said, ‘Look what they have. Let’s do this in New York,’ and withheld to members of the legislature for 11 months the content of how to bring this about,” said Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell of Manhattan.

    So he says. But he is a member of the New York State legislature, so assume he is lying. How about this? The legislature wanted a secret deal for placards that the would receive and be able to hand out to their crowd, exempting them from the tolls, and the Mayor said no. Sound more plausible?

    There is one non-bullshit reason to object to congestion pricing. The City of New York owned the TBTA. The City of New York owns the East River Bridges. There was deal with regard to the division of the TBTA toll surplus when it was turned over to the MTA. As the subway collapses, what happened to that division?

    Just like all the additional money when NYC schools stopped getting cheated by the state aid formula went to a pension increase for UFT teachers, so one wonders where the money “for the subway” would go. Only will a full public airing of all the existing ripoffs can anyone have any assurance they won’t be repeated, regardless of whether the source of funds is a tax increase, a toll increase, a fare increase, or a service cut.