Cab Driver Kills Woman in 19th Precinct, Where Police Brag About Seizing E-Bikes

Barbara Horn was the second person this year killed by a cab driver in a crosswalk in the 19th Precinct. On an average day, precinct officers summons around five motorists for violating a pedestrian’s right of way, and ticket just one speeding driver.

A cab driver reportedly dragged 80-year-old Barbara Horn for half a block on Third Avenue in the 19th Precinct, where police barely enforce failure to yield and speeding. Video still: WCBS
A cab driver reportedly dragged 80-year-old Barbara Horn for half a block on Third Avenue in the 19th Precinct, where police barely enforce failure to yield and speeding. Video still: WCBS

A yellow cab driver killed a senior in a crosswalk on the Upper East Side last Friday. It was the second time this year that a cab driver killed someone in a crosswalk in the 19th Precinct, where NYPD and City Council Member Ben Kallos have declared cyclists and delivery workers on electric-assist bikes as a leading traffic safety threat.

Barbara Horn, 80, was crossing Third Avenue at E. 70th Street in the crosswalk at around 5:45 p.m. when Syed Ulla hit her with a Toyota wagon while turning left from 70th onto the avenue, NYPD told WABC and the Daily News:

“He hit her and dragged her. He ran her over,” said one witness, who only gave her name as Susan. “She was a pretty little thing. Beautiful lady. Her whole side was smashed up.”

WABC reported that Ulla “dragged [Horn] halfway up the block before stopping.”

Horn, who lived near the crash site, was declared dead at New York Presbyterian Hospital. “She was always so kind to everybody,” a doorman at Horn’s apartment building told the News. “Always laughing.”

Police arrested Ulla, 49, and charged him with violating the victim’s right of way.

According to crash data tracked by Streetsblog, of 18 pedestrians killed by drivers in the 19th Precinct since the 2014 launch of the city’s Vision Zero program, 11 were age 65 or over. Ten victims were struck inside or within a few feet of a crosswalk by a driver making a turn.

On an average day, the 19th Precinct summonses around five motorists for violating a pedestrian’s right of way, and tickets just one speeding driver. Meanwhile, as motorists continue killing people, the precinct has made a high-profile show of seizing electric bikes from delivery workers, with encouragement from Kallos.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission told WCBS Ulla’s license to drive a cab was suspended pending the outcome of the case. Despite Vision Zero laws intended to get dangerous cab drivers off the streets, cabbies who injure and kill people remain in good standing with the TLC unless charges are filed against them, even when victims were walking or biking with the right of way.

At least six people killed walking in the 19th Precinct since 2014 were struck by TLC-licensed drivers. Counting Friday’s crash, NYPD and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance filed charges in two of those cases.

  • Vooch

    3rd ave was repaved in 2016. This was a perfect opportunity to add a minimum of traffic calming measures such as pedestrian bump outs and daylighting at all corners.

    This killing might not have happened if DOT installed the minimum of traffic calming measures whenever they repaved a streets.

    ( BTW Woody Allen lives down the block, think he’ll go to a CB meeting demanding traffic calming to protect seniors, or will he continue to bike hate ?)

  • William Lawson

    This is one of those cab drivers who just seriously needs to be taken around the back somewhere and shot. I mean where to begin. Failing to yield is bad enough, hitting someone in the process even worse, but then dragging them halfway up the block? That’s how long it took him to brake? If he was going so fast that it took half a block to stop, then there’s no way he would have taken that corner without overturning. So that leaves us with the conclusion that after striking this woman, it took his slow moving neanderthal brain a full half a block before realizing that sh*t, maybe this is something I’d better brake for.

    But if that WEREN’T ENOUGH – the Daily News had a photo of him sitting outside his car after the crash, and he was laughing.

    There is something about yellow cab driving as a profession that seems to attract the very dregs of humanity. I cannot wait to see the bastards phased out, they’re a disgrace to this city.

  • Joe R.

    When I read things like this I’m glad my mother’s days of venturing outside alone are over. Doubtless some driver would get impatient waiting for her to cross, or perhaps just wouldn’t see her.

    It’s a pity NYS no longer performs executions. I’d love to see this guy get strapped into the chair.

  • Joe R.

    Taken out and shot behind the chemical sheds is what this POS deserves.

  • JL

    Kallos and the NYPD are doing what the cranks want. They’re okay with losing a number of the weak and feeble of the herd. As long as the police keeps the Great Unwashed on bikes in check. What is she doing venturing east of Park Ave anyway?

  • Argh

    I called Kallos’ office. The person answerign the phone said that Kallos only relays constituent complaints about particular intersections to the 19th precinct. I said that the overall number of summons given for Failure to Yield needs to increase from 5 per day to 100. The person didn’t seem to understand the problem.

  • Vooch
  • cjstephens

    This is why StreetsPAC should not be endorsing Kallos. Why even bother having a PAC if you’re going to endorse candidates who favor the dangerous status quo that goes against everything StreetsPAC stands for?


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